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rajmThe job with ID # 27 has finished with status Complete on 2017-11-01 09:37:09 (+0000 UTC). Job was submitted by lava-health. Job details and log file: http://localhost:8080/scheduler/job/27 - today's health check!09:38
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* rajm thinks that #53 can be closed as we have the workaround in known issues?11:20
CTtpollardI agree11:21
CTtpollardif it's documented11:21
rajmThe first item here
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* rajm thought fiddling with line 23 of /srv/kernelci-backend/app/handlers/common/ would sort the 5 day limit issue and indeed it did first time but a re-edit doesn't change it again (even after vm restart) maybe it's being cached somewhere?13:20
rajmthough the right fix is to pass the parameter to calculate_date_range13:23
rajmBut now testing provisioning against our gitlab mirrors rather than the gitlab/hub mix we currently have13:41
rajmbut thinks that we'll need to change the gitlab repos we're using:13:51
rajm  /kernelci-backend-config/roles/install-app/tasks/main.yml\013:  git:  repo=
rajmnot to mention and INSTALL.md13:55
CTtpollardmirror the world13:59
CTtpollardeasiest way around it13:59
rajmwe're already mirroring them we just need to distort the mirror a bit14:03
rajmhmmm [kernel-ci-backend]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "This module requires libselinux-python support"}14:10
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rajmtries, just to check a provision, with master and that does an without a problem, also get the error if I use gitlab and hand edit main.yaml to reference our gitlab15:53
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