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rajmdaily health check passed on BBB and sent to the email list07:43
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rajmHowever the 2017-7 BBB version still isn't working is it the sh: can't accesse/ # # at line 657 the issue - but that message doesn't appear on the retries?08:15
rajm(and what's an accesse?)08:15
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toscalixtask report sent. Please rajm amend it by replying if there is something incomplete or inaccurate09:34
rajmok will look!09:37
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toscalixmail resent. Do not know why did not go through10:01
toscalixah, it is in our end. It will go though soon10:05
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toscalixrajm: for the training session at elce, do we need 16Gb USB sticks?10:11
toscalixor 32 Gb10:11
rajmthe provisioned box is 3GB don't think we'll need anything significant apart form that so 16GB should be ample10:13
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toscalixre-sent both mails. Only one made it to the list. Will try with the second one in a few minutes10:22
rajmreply to first email sent to the ML10:29
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patersoncI got three emails from the list :)10:39
toscalixpatersonc: yes, sent an apology10:42
toscalixI do not understand why, I sent for one of the three a cancellation to the moderatorÅ› request10:43
toscalixhad issues this morning with the mail server10:43
* rajm was puzzled why the lava 2017 vm didn't attempt to run the health check automatically when I booted it this am - it was lots more than 24 hours since the last attempt - or does the resubmission apply to hours after a successful health check?10:44
patersoncNo worries :)10:44
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toscalixah, now10:57
toscalixnew mails...ok. Re-sent mails...not11:13
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toscalixin an hour or so the CIP TSC meeting will take place11:59
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* rajm creates to assist the creation of an initramfs, once this has been merged the wiki will need alteration13:28
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* rajm and adds to fix the kernelci fronend csrf errors14:13
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toscalixrajm: should bwh review them?15:22
rajmyes I think that would be good15:25
rajmfixes ambiguous comment on#120 - sorry about the multiple notifications toscalix !15:35
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