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rajmhmmm Unable to find test definition YAML: /var/lib/lava/dispatcher/tmp/124/lava-overlay-1KWXyv/lava-124/0/tests/0_smoke-tests/ubuntu/smoke-tests-basic.yaml health check fails07:43
rajmDon't think it was something I did yesterday as those tests should be retrieved from git07:44
rajmah git:// looks rather different this morning!!08:02
rajmBBB health check completes after changing ubuntu/smoke-tests-basic.yaml to common/iks-smoke-test.yaml prob not the right choice but at least it's still there!08:18
* rajm creates issue #116 for this08:28
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rajmIf verbosity: verbose is used then you have to cancel the job and then reboot - just rebooting the VM is not enough09:45
* rajm thinks that common/dt-selftests.yaml has at least some tests which run on the BBB10:05
toscalixcan you point me to the yaml file?10:10
rajmfor dt-selftests? just a mo10:13
toscalixno hurry, just curious10:13
rajmdo we need an email to cip-dev to report the borken HC for BBB or wait until we have an alternative link in the repos?10:16
rajm*broken !10:23
toscalixyou can send a mail saying it's broken and you are working on it10:28
toscalixand then a notification when is fixed10:28
rajmok just doing the first!10:29
* rajm has dispatched email10:58
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rajmpushes about to create MR..13:02
rajmMR is at
rajmboth 39 & 40 MRs are merged thanks to lchlan14:10
rajmupdates wiki so that the output extracts on ciptestingreferencetestcases are correct (but slightly forged ;-)), I'm going to leave the full version in the pdf links as they are for the moment14:35
* rajm ticks 2 items in #103 acceptance criteria but then adds an unticked item to cover the above14:40
rajmalso closing #116 as that second MR has been merged14:48
rajmnow to send out another email to cip-dev14:49
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toscalixrajm: saw the mails. Well done15:40
rajmthanks! and heads home....15:40
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