IRC logs for #cip for Monday, 2017-07-24

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rajmv4.4.75-cip6 BBB health check completes successfully & notification automatically sent to cip-testing-results07:30
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rajmPushes to handle last point of #10308:46
toscalixrajm: in the config I see we keel using linaro's kernel?
toscalixis this correct?08:55
toscalixgood morning, by the way :-)08:55
rajmthere's a bit of a dilemma between what's runnable immediately and what the user needs to build as part of step 4 on the wiki, user gets told to set up a health check as part of step 208:58
toscalixok, so you are aware, fine09:00
rajmyes though I'm not sure whether we need a resolution though maybe test #4 does that09:01
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rajmtoscalix are permissions to view media images set somewhere on wiki - I can't find it and the screenshot I added to the BBB page isn't visible if you're not logged in; ISTR this problem also with the kernelci screenshot though that image is no longer in the wiki (shouold it be restored?)09:53
toscalixlet me check...10:14
toscalixchanged the permission on the cip-testing ML archive from private to public10:15
* rajm creates #114 to handle lava upgrade issues10:17
rajmMR opened for local initramfs change10:40
toscalixsorry rajm a couple of issues just came on my plate that require some attention10:49
toscalixI will try to investigate and solve the wiki issue this afternoon10:49
toscalixI have the CIP TSC also this afternoon10:49
toscalixbwh: you will be there, right?10:50
toscalixjust to confirm ;-)10:50
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bwhI will be there11:40
* rajm hopes that toscalix got that email - tried at first with 2 notify sections (one to cover each result) no complaints but no notify12:01
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toscalixah, first mail to the cip-testing-results mailing list, cool12:44
rajmI think it's the 6th I've received still nothing in the archives though12:49
rajmtrying a test with verbosity: verbose (in notify) currently been running for 20mins (as opposed to 3) it's all in the cleaning up (and presumably) in the notification stage13:41
rajm..and even cancelling the job it never (so far!) exits cancelling so the queue is jammed13:54
toscalixtsc byweekly meeting ended14:00
rajmfortunately rebooting the VM cleared the problem and another lava-tool submitted job ran to (in)completion14:05
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* rajm will raise issue for this having tried a couple of other jobs with verbosity:verbose and they cause the user to have to reboot14:34
rajmreported -
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