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rajmsuccessful run of BBB health check with cip6 (on vm provisioned before yesterday!)08:30
rajmI see you've closed #107 toscalix - so you're happy for the output to be in cip-kernel-test-logs without a link from the wiki?08:36
toscalixno, you suggested to close it, right?08:37
toscalixback to the ticket08:37
rajmI did and then wondered - see last phrase08:37
toscalixah, changing the acceptance condition to include the link08:38
toscalixthanks, my bad08:38
rajmI'll edit the wiki this am to include the link08:38
toscalixchanged the ticket08:40
toscalixI was soooo passionate about starting the day closing a ticket.... PjM spirit: the project is going great as long as I keep closing tickets08:40
rajmThe vm with the change to cope with #112 (lava version) provisions fine but after a halt it won't 'up' hangs at "default: SSH auth method: private key" :-(08:41
* rajm opens random ticket08:41
rajmretrying 'up' with a non default huge timeout08:42
rajmnow closes #107 having update dthe wiki08:49
rajmnope even with a silly timeout setting it still won't re-up goes to look more carefully at the change08:53
* rajm alters the change slightly and a reprovision with just appears to work; now trying again from scratch09:12
patersoncMornin all.10:25
patersoncDoes anyone have any opinions on u-boot they could throw at cip-dev? "About the U-Boot policy"10:25
patersoncI'm keep to keep some momentum up on this discussion, as it keeps stalling and getting nowhere :(10:26
* rajm creates MR to fix the lava version issue10:27
rajmnow to check it also works under W1010:27
toscalixping bwh later on. I think his opinion would be a good one10:40
rajmboth the provision from scratch on Debian and W10 worked with a successful health check on BBB (using the linaro downloads), I'll look again at those W10 instructions in my drafts for emailing to cip-dev12:07
rajmmy impression of the HC under W10 is that it's a bit flaky - not sure why that is - it'll fail (timeout) and then work the next time maybe we suggest the timeouts need adjusting in this case?12:10
patersoncbwh: ping12:41
toscalixrajm: please suggest that in a (new) ticket. In case it is an impediment or a problem for users, we turn it into a bug and put effort on it12:45
toscalixgood news, congratulations12:46
rajmThank you - I've added an initial version of the procedure for W10 in #10612:47
rajmNew ticket for HC failures is #11312:52
rajmI'll ask lachlan to approve the MR for lava when he's back on monday, do we need an email to cip-dev before then toscalix ?13:02
toscalixlachlan is on vacation13:03
toscalixlet me check if bwh is a reviewer/approver. If not, I add him13:03
toscalixabout the mail, I would inform hitachi only when the docu is published in the wiki13:04
toscalixlink to the MR?13:05
rajmyes i know lachlan is on vacation (hence monday) link ^
toscalixbwh is already an approver, so please ping him13:08
toscalixlater, I just tried but he might be at the office but not in IRC13:09
rajmcan you take a look at this MR bwh ?13:09
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rajmreinstates donbrown's MR - now once that's merged #92 can be closed14:54
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