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rajmmorning - today's health check on bbb with cip6 succeeds07:33
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* rajm installs cygwin to try vagrant up with rync which *seems* to be better though only get the port 8888 being used sometimes on a fresh import10:41
rajmStill see lots of package retrieving but it's before it gets to out integration_scripts and letting it continue I get10:45
rajmError:       1 [main] ssh (3028) C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\ssh.exe: *** fatal error - cygheap base mismatch detected - 0x180304408/0x1802FF408.10:45
rajmThis problem is probably due to using incompatible versions of the cygwin DLL.10:45
rajm... looking further!10:45
rajmthat 'This problem' message was from the vagrant up rather than being my assessment!!10:50
* rajm has imported the 0.9.1 release box into w10 and run the qemu health check successfully on it now trying to sort out the BBB one!12:35
rajm(and log all the steps he went through)12:36
toscaliximportant that second point12:49
rajmthough glaring at the Windows 10 machine may not be actually necessary12:55
rajmaha! we have a working BBB health check on the import from 0.9.1 \o/12:56
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rajmJust done another import from scratch it works but terminates with - suggests there should be an error between lines 11 and 12 but there isn't one13:36
rajmupdates the relevant ticket (#106)13:56
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toscalixbwh: confirmed your presence in the next TSC meeting14:02
toscalixdaniel sangorrin confirmed also he booted the cip kernel with the new renesas board. The TSC meeting report will include an status on how the upstream support of the renesas board is going14:03
patersoncbwh: Glad to hear you got the Renesas board up and running :)14:26
rajmtoscalix do you see the Windows 10 configuration as being an extra section in 'known issues'? I think we're nearly done with this14:36
toscalixno, w10 support is not "an issue" but a feature14:36
toscalixI would include a section when it correspond in our current documentation for w10 users if the number of changes are small enough14:37
toscalixare they?14:37
rajmlet me write them locally and will decide, what about prerequisite additions e.g. rsync14:39
rajmMaybe I'll mention that the box import now works on cip-dev and put the necessary steps there14:40
rajmarrgh - less done than I thought we were - that rsync error stops the initial provisioning if doing a pure vagrant from git install - from the downloaded box it doesn't matter15:01
toscalixrajm: no rush needed15:02
toscalixlet's inform to the mailing list once the docu is published. I assume Hitachi will try it as soon as we inform about the success15:03
rajmok I'll consider how to approach this - & investigate any other solns - I'm WFH tomorrow morning15:03
toscalixI see so you need to take the set up with you, right?15:04
rajmthat'll be a bit difficult - but will dig into what's possible and draft the rest of the setup15:05
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