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rajmruns daily health check on cip_v4.4.75/v4.4.75-cip6/arm/omap2plus_defconfig - for BBB - success!08:22
patersoncHello rajm, forgive my ignorance, what's the difference between cip_v4.4.75 and v4.4.75-cip6?08:41
rajmyes maybe that's confusing - that's the local git branch name used with that tag (so no difference) see the wiki for suggested branch naming08:44
patersoncDo you have a URL?08:46
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patersoncGotcha. Thanks rajm08:49
toscalixthere is a difference08:55
toscalixbwh: has added a couple of patches that fixes a couple of regressions he found from some backported patches released in the 4.4.75 LTS He include them in v4.4.75-cip608:56
toscalixthose two patches will be part of the next LTS 4.4 version08:57
rajmcip_v4.4.75 is only my local branch name and is the cip6 tag - so there shouldn't be08:58
toscalixah, sorry, I was referring to the difference then between cip5 and cip6 version08:58
toscalixpatersonc: we will need to evaluate how can CIP distribute the renesas kernel08:59
toscalixin the B'D box09:00
toscalixB@D box09:00
toscalixor if users will have to download it from renesas repos/site09:00
patersoncHow is the CIP Kernel currently included? Latest version of the repo already fetched?09:01
toscalixrajm: ^09:02
patersoncYes (read a bit more of the wiki)09:02
rajmyes you need to build and generate an appropriate HC09:02
toscalixin the ideal situation, everything would be included in the box or provided in the CIP download page09:03
toscalixno fetching when downloading the box09:04
patersoncIs anything omitted at the moment?09:04
rajmthe downloadable box will have everything (at least at the moment of building the release) from vagrant you need to build it yourself09:07
patersoncPersonally, I don't see an issue with including a clone of the renesas-cip repo, given that it is already open, but I'm not an expert in these licence matters.09:08
rajmthat would be interesting and helpful to be made available - thanks for the possible offer09:10
toscalixpatersonc: we would need to go over the license09:10
toscalixI think that the repo is really needed if it is open, but the binary09:11
toscalixis not really needed09:12
toscalixI think that the repo is NOT really needed if it is open, but the binary09:12
toscalixincluding the binary in the box or our side would turn us into distributors.09:13
toscalixI am not an expert either but agl and genivi couldn't distribute the support for some renesas boards in the past09:14
toscalixdevelopment boards09:14
toscalixso we will need to check09:15
rajmah yes, remembers that...09:16
patersoncAh okay. Binaries may be different, but I don't know for sure. Perhaps it depends on what is included, R-Car have big restrictions because of proprietary GFX and MultiMedia drivers, but at the moment we haven't been including these for CIP.09:16
toscalixI see09:16
patersoncAt some point CIP will need to support GFX/MMP, but these will always need to be d/l from the Renesas website I'm guessing, as an ELA needs to be signed to get access.09:17
patersonc(nightmare for B@D_09:17
toscalixanother reason for me to go to Munakata-san and tell him to fix that09:17
patersoncGood luck!09:18
toscalixhe will be like.... oh no, you again with the same topic ? :-D09:18
patersoncYou're not the only one. Stephen L has been fighting the battle for years09:18
toscalixI chased him for an entire year with that09:18
toscalixand we meet 8 times a year at events09:18
patersoncDid you hear that Munakata-san is taking over LTSI?09:19
toscalixdid not know09:19
toscalixnot the NEC rep. anymore then09:20
patersoncAt least there is a rumour09:20
toscalixnow the renesas rep. I see09:20
toscalixnow that he is at the linux Foundation board...09:20
patersoncAh, maybe that was it rather than LTSI09:20
toscalixI think is that, not LTSI but LF board09:21
toscalixbut hey, maybe both09:21
patersoncGoing back to the original question about sharing binaries, post it on the ML and I'll forward it to the relevant people within Renesas.09:34
patersonctoscalix: By "board support", I assume you mean the RFS as well?10:20
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patersonctoscalix: Project-X RFS? Or the one Renesas supplies (currently private).10:24
toscalixI cannot tell about what is private :-)10:25
patersoncWhat are you using for BBB and the others?10:25
patersoncI would assume the end goal would be to use Project-X's output?10:25
toscalixbwh: backported the BBB support10:26
toscalixthat is upstream10:26
toscalixwe will keep testing the kernel independently and then together with the system so project-x output needs to be considered, yes10:30
patersoncI guess until Project-X is ready you could just use initramfs for the Renesas board?10:31
toscalixhard for me to answer that one before getting some feedback from bwh about the board support10:36
toscalixin theory yes but I do not have enough info at this point to ensure it10:37
patersoncOkay, no worries.10:38
rajmupdate on W10 progress sent to mailing list10:47
toscalixrajm: seen to be very close to completion, right?10:59
rajmyes I want to add a commit to add a matching 'begin' first11:00
toscalixok, in progress then11:01
toscalixon my report11:01
* rajm pushes and submits merge request for that issue11:05
toscalixrajm: feel free to answer or ammend the report11:16
rajmtoscalix ok will look after lunch11:18
bwhrajm: I'm looking at MR 35 and would like to approve, but I don't appear to be allowed to13:40
rajmah yes you need adding13:40
rajmI think that's now sorted?13:42
rajmare you able to approve !34 or do I need to fiddle around that too?13:52
bwhSo rajm has added me to the default list of Approvers, but that didn't affect the existing MR. However I was permited to edit that to add myself as an Approver, and then approve it13:52
bwhrajm: Will check once I've looked at it13:53
* rajm merges !3513:54
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toscalixadded rajm and bwh as master on both, logs and tests repos14:09
rajmthanks toscalix vagrant-up.output added14:11
toscalixgood luck with your talk rajm14:11
rajmthank you toscalix - that's an internal codethink talk for other readers...14:13
toscalixrajm: will prove that using B@D in W10 is awesome to a bunch of linux hackers. He is wearing his WWII helmet14:14
rajmI'm not porting that machine over to where it can be seen on the screen :-)14:15
toscalixI bet you are not14:15
rajmhealth and safety.... :-)14:18
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