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rajmdonbrown yes I'm happy with the top level location for initramfs.cpio.gz07:21
* rajm changes wiki to match that07:24
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wagiHi, I am trying to setup b@d, following the instruction on the wiki ('building from scratch'). I am stuck at '5. luchn the Virtual Machine using Vagrant'. I get a  "Call to virDomainCreateWithFlags failed: Unable to get index for interface eth0: No such device" even though I changed the bridge to my usb ethernet device. git grep eth0 didn't show anything up so I don't know where this magic knob is. Any pointers?08:24
rajmhmmm looking at output when I 'up' vagrant08:27
wagiIt tells me that eth0 is not existing, which is correct08:27
rajmso you're using a usb ethernet connection?08:29
* rajm looks08:30
wagiMaybe I got this wrong. I though the VM should be attached to an network with the device on it08:30
wagis/the device/the device to test/08:30
rajmthe device being the board to be tested - ah08:31
wagiyes, that is what I wanted to say :)08:31
rajmthough at the point you are at its not trying to connect there yet08:32
rajmthe connect to the board happens in the health check08:32
waginot there yet08:33
wagiJust did the git clone && vagrant up step08:33
wagiand 'vagrant up' is obviously not so happy08:33
rajmI'd remove the bridge you added bring up the vagrant vm and then address the connection within the rule in the health check - mybbb.dat contains an example08:34
rajmOh an I've run the daily health check ok on the BBB08:35
wagiStupid question: where can I find mybbb.dat?08:37
rajmwhen the vagrant is up you vagrant ssh and it's in /home/vagrant08:37
rajmif vagrant up doesn't work for there there may be a problem there :-(08:38
wagiright, will give it a try after I solved vagrant up08:38
rajmyes try with an unmodified Vagrantfile and see if there's still problems08:39
wagiI started with a prestine version08:40
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rajmso even without the bridge you have errors can you pastebin the output08:42
toscalixconfigured the mailing list to share results. donbrown all yours :-)08:54
* wagi was fetching tea08:56
wagilet me try again08:57
wagiit is missing the errno08:57
rajmthanks wagi08:57
wagithat is with no modification at all08:59
rajmok thanks let me investigate09:00
wagiIt might something with my host system09:02
rajmI assume your host is running fedora? Is this link any help?09:03
wagiYes, I am using F25. The bug description seems to match09:07
wagiLet me try to apply the 'fixes'09:08
rajmlet us know how it goes!09:08
wagiWill do. Thanks anyway09:10
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wagirajm: the trick is to start the virt-manager and configure the brige setup there.09:43
rajm\o/ we'll put something in the known issues for this09:44
wagiI am sure you can also do this via virtsh but I didn't bother to find it out09:45
wagihmm, thinking about it, it should not run libvirt. It should be virtualbox09:49
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wagirajm: it seems to boil down to the fact, that libvirt has a default network which needs to be destroyed before vagrant up runs10:32
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wagirajm: summary: i had some configuration leftovers from older runs. All needs to go and any default network in libvirt has to remoced as well. After that via the graphic virt-manager the bridged network interface needs to set to your local configuration10:38
wagivirsh net-destroy default10:38
wagivirsh net-undefine default10:38
rajmok thanks for that feedback!10:39
waginow I see some install steps from apt-get after running vagrant up10:39
wagiIIRC initiall this project used virtualbox as backend. Is that correct?10:40
rajmI think it's always been vagrant sitting on virtualbox but donbrown may know better than me10:44
wagiI prefer using kvm. virtualbox is not properly intergrated with their out of tree kernel module10:45
wagiand that one is not even working righ now for me10:45
rajmyes we're looking to provide a release supporting kvm  but for the initial release we wanted both linux and windows support so initially using vagrant10:46
toscalixwagi: we all linux users want kvm The reason behind virtualbox was to involved the windows users from hitachi, toshiba and siemens10:53
toscalixkvm is obviously in our list10:53
toscalixI doubt we will have time to work on it before ELCE though10:54
wagiSure, I know the background. <rant> But I find it hard to understand why on earth someone wants to work on Linux and uses Windows for this? Okay in a coperate env it is your base system but why not using a VM with Linux inside? </rant>10:56
toscalixadded a comment with you opinion wagi Your colleague Jan had the same opinoin10:57
patersoncwagi: Agreed10:57
toscalixwagi: at Codethinks we provide workshops in which we talk hours about dogfooding :-)10:57
toscalixlet me check my slides from ALS. I think I included10:58
wagitoscalix: I know. Sorry about beeing a bit vocal on this10:58
toscalixno no... it is good to have some reinforcement once in a while10:59
wagiI just recenently had to build an SDK for Windows based on Yocto... it is not supported by upstream and it is likely to eat you cat10:59
toscalixyep, I talked about dogfooding and about using windows to create linus systems10:59
wagifor a 'profissional' product11:00
toscalixif we could talk one day about what we do in customers.....11:00
wagiover a beer I suggest11:02
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wagibtw, I try to setup a b@d for -rt testing11:09
wagirostedt uses ktest for this11:09
wagibut you need to setup all on your own11:09
wagitftp, dhcp, ...11:09
wagiFATAL -> Failed to fork.11:16
wagicould it be that I have to increase some limits for the install step?11:17
wagithis happends during the mongodb install step11:17
rajmsorry wagi, I've been lunching...11:35
wagino worries11:36
wagiI set the memory size to 2gb and added another cpu11:36
wagiit looks promising11:37
rajmrunning out of memory? how much does your host have ? have you overridden the amount  - ah!11:37
rajmyes that's the size in the vagrantfile11:37
wagiI am uhsing libvirt and not virtualbox11:37
rajmyes we initially used less but had problems at various places11:38
wagithose scripts install quite a lot of packages. even mutt gets installed11:39
wagiwell, if the final result works I do not bother :)11:39
wagirajm: moar memory helped11:43
rajmyes can't remember what dependency drags that in probably via exim - the VM will soon be emailing the results11:47
rajm\o/ - to moar memory11:47
wagiit definietly helped to add moooooarrrr ram but it the install steps just stops. the last output is something on systemd-netword.12:07
toscalixwe have a known issues page. rajm should we add something related with the ram? I believe we discussed this in the past but cannot remember12:11
wagiI think was succesfully processed (that file missed an 'echo success')12:12
rajmthe Vagrantfile specifies 2GB of memory but if other hypervisors are being used maybe we need a mention12:12
wagiI'll send a patch as soon I got it working12:13
rajmyes wagi there doesn't appear to be an error will look at the script to check12:13
rajmtoscalix there's the adding extra resources in the final section of that page, maybe the prerequisites ought to add that 2GB (at least) is recommended12:14
rajmthanks wagi12:14
toscalixrajm: no mention to the prerequisites in the step 1 page for vagrant12:15
toscalixjust for the box12:15
wagithe mybb.dat has been created as well, that means somwhere in the last few lines it gets stuck12:15
toscalixoh wait12:16
toscalixit is mentioned12:16
toscalixbut not highlighted like in the box12:16
toscalixchanging it12:16
rajmam just checking the prerequisites to mention memory12:17
wagibah, all looks good. the last line in has been executed ('sed')12:18
wagiI am going to add another 'echo END:'12:19
rajmmaybe just an exit code not getting back somehow - thanks!12:19
wagiI just don't know what to expect when it succeeds. Maybe having a message telling 'all fine' would help12:20
toscalixcreating the ticket with the suggestion so we go over it in the coming days12:21
rajmyes there needs to be more example output in
rajmcan I add that suggestion to #107 or do we need another ticket?12:26
wagitoscalix: thanks :)12:26
toscalixrajm: I would add it to the description of the same ticket12:27
toscalixincluding the acceptance criteria12:27
toscalixlava 2017.6 released12:29
rajmwill do12:29
rajmthanks for those MR's wagi  - I think that #32 should also change the scripts so there's a echo "START:" sim for the other for consistency with the other scripts?13:12
patersoncHello bwh, are you around?13:57
toscalixpatersonc: I do not think so. On Monday14:02
patersoncOkay. I thought that might be the case!14:02
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