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toscalixrajm: does the healthcheck works?09:09
rajmyes I'll copy my comments from the no public channel09:11
rajmThere's no change to the repos so am happy to see that the daily health check on my BBB runs ok09:11
rajmEven happier that the change to hand edited in to my vm also gives a successful health check on my older version Debian 3.8.13-bone50  \o/09:11
toscalixvery good news09:15
toscalixgetting closer to release day09:15
toscalixthe work on -rt has started. Very good news09:39
toscalixrajm: ticket 53 is re-assigned to you since Lachlan won't be able to do it. Can you take a look when you can? I am not sure about its state09:49
rajmtoscalix ok will take a look when I can slot it in!09:51
toscalixyou are busy, I know. When you can...09:52
toscalixthe ticket should show up in your todo list now09:52
* rajm wonders why ticket 75 is toscalix's rather than mine09:56
toscalixoh, you like tickets... no problem, I will assign this to you10:15
toscalixenjoy :-D10:16
rajm\o/ (maybe)10:18
rajmUpdates with some of donbrown's output (and refrains from wondering in view of yesterday's meeting's comments as to who it should be assigned to..)10:19
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rajmdonbrown I'm guessing that the issue you had - it was my experience anyway that you didn't have any jobs - or that one of the yaml files generates those errors, I moved lava-functional-test.yaml  into a jobs directory and ran from there and that gave me 'Submitting Jobs to Server...' and sensible looking messages before that? don't see anything run in the lava2 web interface though12:42
rajmand still working out how to create something with lava-kernel-ci-job-creator.py12:43
rajmI've tried copying bbb_debian_ramdisk_test.yaml to my jobs dir and submitting - no errors - but no output13:30
toscalixit seems there are patches in LAVA development that address issues with autologin14:02
toscalixrajm: check today's thread in the lava-users ML14:02
toscalixAdd login commands14:02
rajmyes I've been following that thread,14:06
rajmwill see if the patches are taken - though we could always apply them - though I think that issue is solved as far as the release is concerned14:07
toscalixfine with me14:07
patersoncTTFN, enjoy the weekend everyone!14:22
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