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patersoncHello toscalix09:43
patersoncOr even bwh (sorry, didn't see Ben was online)...09:44
patersoncbwh: Do you have access to the private CIP wiki area?09:44
toscalixBen no09:44
toscalixthe wiki is for board/membership topics only09:45
patersoncOkay. I was thinking of putting this draft u-boot policy there09:45
toscalixis it under discussion?09:46
toscalixMembers will approve but the discussion can take place in the open, I think09:46
patersoncI said on cip-dev that I'd draft a policy, to be used as a basis for discussion. I just thought it would look prettier, and be easier to edit on the wiki, rather than on the ML.09:47
patersoncCould put it on the public wiki I guess, but I wanted it to be more complete first09:47
toscalixthen my recommendation is that you create a wiki page in the public wiki and add WIP in the title09:48
toscalixah, ok09:48
toscalixfor the kernel policies we did something similar, make clear it was a dratf and that the discussion was taking place in cip-dev, I believe09:50
toscalixcannot remember exactly any more09:50
patersoncOkay, I'll try something similar. Thanks.09:51
toscalixI just sent a mail with the link to the hangout session for anybody who want to join us on thursday to talk about the board at desk development.09:56
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patersoncThanks toscalix, I'll see if my colleagues working on this want to join. Probably won't be today though.10:12
patersoncOr not, IT policy in Vietnam won't allow Google hangouts... Sigh10:26
rajmProcedure for downloading provisioned BAD-SD box documented in (initially - will be refined and moved to the wiki)10:53
toscalixpatersonc: what about a pure web service like or Will they be able to join such a service?12:27
toscalixwe cn change on Thursdays if they join12:27
toscalixcan12:28 or appear.in12:28
toscalixrajm: as we agreed during the meeting, please record how long the process takes next week, when we provision a new testing box, and add it to the ticket so I take it in consideration when defining the release process12:32
patersonctoscalix: I'm not sure, I'd have to check. May be worth waiting as they are in the process of trying to get IT to unblock it. Worst case I'll just attend on their behalf. At the moment they don't have any issues.12:38
toscalixok, in my experience, these web based conferencing systems are more... "firewall friendly" than those based on plugins12:38
toscalixlike hangout12:39
toscalixalthough more limited in features12:39
rajmok - I'll add that to the issue12:40
patersonctoscalix: Let me know if there is a specific website you want to try and I'll ask them to give it a go.12:42
patersoncNo point in changing everything if it won't help anyway ;)12:42
toscalixfor instance. If they can use it, I am more than happy to switch to it12:43
patersoncOkay, thanks12:43
toscalixyou can open a room and try it with them12:43
toscalixwithout registering12:43
toscalixthen let me know12:44
toscalixfor instance12:44
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