IRC logs for #cip for Wednesday, 2017-04-19

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rajmstarted a different vm (copy of the kernelci one with the port redirects removed) same machine started the bad-sd one and attempted a health check on the BBB - failed at soft reboot, tried again failed at soft reboot, tried again - it worked, rebooted BBB - to get back in initial state, health check works again - hmmmm!07:52
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rajmI returned after taking host for a meeting tested again - both VMs still running, result (in order) fail, fail, ok, fail, fail, ok, ok - same test, same board08:56
toscalixwe took the decision of using telnet to simplify the connection with the board. From what I see, we cannot control that connection. We have been here before and we seem unable to explain why. Am I wrong?09:01
rajmI think that's an accurate diagnosis!09:07
toscalixwe will talk about it tomorrow in our meeting09:32
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