IRC logs for #cip for Tuesday, 2017-04-18

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toscalixgitlab broken08:38
rajmand now gitlab is back09:00
toscalixah, good09:04
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toscalixrajm: is still valid?09:23
rajmI've just now closed it!09:24
toscalixwhen closing a ticket, please remember to remove the tags ToDo or Doing. Sadly gitlab does not have those as states09:25
toscalixwhen removing them, the ticket will show in the column of done, in the board09:26
toscalixotherwise, it does not09:26
toscalixI did it for this one09:26
toscalixin any case, the ticket affected by the commit should be included in the merge request, right?09:27
rajmok - thanks - I'd just done it too!09:27
rajmI thought it was mentioned in the merge requests - though I see one mentioned the superceded #6309:29
toscalixah, wait, they are09:32
* rajm sees that our bbb_debian_ramdisk_test2.yaml sets login prompts and passwords, wonders if this was a failed tr before an active telnet connection was required13:55
toscalixrajm: can you ask donbrown through the mailing list about it ;-)13:55
rajmWith my vm (works with my BBB) I can't get lchlan's BBB through the health check either :-(14:40
rajmI had a theory that alternate health checks failed but I've just disproved it with two successes15:33
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toscalixwhat is the difference between his env. and yours?15:57
toscalixis the host the same?15:58
toscalixthe laptop?15:58
toscalixBBB firmware version?15:58
toscalixjust guessing15:59
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lchlantoscalix: same dev. environment different boards.16:52
toscalixdifferent versions of BBB I assume16:57
toscalixdo we know how many different versions are there?16:58
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