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donbrownStandup 23-Feb-201702:44
donbrown## Don Brown02:44
donbrown* Done02:44
donbrown   - Continued to support Beta release and reply to Issues02:44
donbrown* Doing02:44
donbrown   - Began investigating adding QEMU/KVM/VMware hypervisor support02:44
donbrown   - Testing Chris' changes02:44
donbrown   - Automating and documenting making the BBB work with the Arduino PDU02:44
donbrown   - Continue working with Chris on LAVA v2 test to download & boot kernel on Beaglebone-Black02:44
donbrown* ToDo02:44
donbrown   -02:44
donbrown* Blockers02:44
donbrown   - None02:44
donbrownThank you!02:44
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donbrownkristerman: Merge Requests approved. Thank you! Have a nice weekend.11:32
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christoskaramitsdonbrown, I think it's time we delete the 'testing' repo, do you agree?11:34
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christoskaramitsbwh,  just had a meeting with donbrown and had a naive question. Is there a possibility to use your kernel for tftp booting the bbb?11:40
christoskaramitsUpdated repo with script that configures ser2net on host for bbb and updated wiki instructions too13:15
bwhchristoskaramits: I expect it will work14:30
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kristermanGreat, so I will try that too, do you which deconfig we would need?14:39
bwhkristerman: I think omap2plus_defconfig should work15:05
bwhkristerman: Can u-boot use USB networking? Or only the real Ethernet port?15:51
kristermanI have only managed to do it using the latter, but I am not familiar with USB networking15:52
kristermanare you trying to do the test? If you git pull I have included the script fro configuring ser2net15:55
bwhNo, I'm not15:55
bwhIf you can provide a working VM image I can try that, but I've given up on Vagrant for now15:56
kristermanyou are using Vagrant from debian stable?15:57
kristerman the version here should work16:02
bwhI'm failing to boot this kernel anyway - something is wrong with the MMC driver or its config16:15
kristermanyou mean the kernel used in the yaml file?16:15
bwhI mean the kernel I built from my repo and omap2plus_defconfig16:16
kristermanHaven't tried this yet16:16
bwhWell don't bother until I work out what needs changing16:16
bwhOh, it's OK, I just needed to add 'rootwait' to the kernel command line16:47
bwhas MMC devices are now probed partly asynchronously16:47
kristermanoh, so you booted it successfully using your kernel?16:57
kristermanAh, but you did not use KernelCI to build the kernel artefacts, right?16:58
bwhsorry, lag16:58
kristermanWe could do that though16:58
kristermankernelci-build produces zImage and dtb16:59
kristermanthe only thing missing that the test job uses is initramfs and modules16:59
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