IRC logs for #cip for Thursday, 2017-02-23

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toscalix_kristerman: any feedback worth mentioning?16:14
toscalix_I have a couple of linux users telling me they dislike vagrant16:14
toscalix_and one guy went through the recepie and it worked for him with a BBB16:15
kristermanrajm told me he managed to run KernelCI, build the kernel and links working well16:15
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kristermanoh really? That is very good news, the BBB health check is the hardest part16:15
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toscalixmy internet connection at the hotel when everybody wakes up is terrible. I will be connected later at ELC since I will be working at the CIP booth for a couple of hours16:16
toscalixI will "spread the word"16:16
toscalixObviously Toshiba, hitachi, renesas and siemens guys will try it when they get back home16:17
toscalixare you working on running the tests?16:17
kristermanWhat do you mean? I have run the tests16:18
toscalixso where are you up to?16:18
kristermanWaiting to provide support to whoever is trying to do them too16:18
toscalixand on the technical side, what is the next task?16:19
kristermanAre we planning on changing anything?16:20
kristermanI thought that since we released we are not going to change something major for a while, just fix errors that we find16:20
toscalixI would like to provide a VM for the release instead of having only vagrant16:20
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toscalix[08:20] <toscalix> I would like to provide a VM for the release instead of having only vagrant16:23
toscalix[08:21] <toscalix> The ubdget for storage space has been approved so we will be able to uploaded in AWS for people to download it16:23
toscalix[08:22] <toscalix> linux users tend to prefer KVM16:23
toscalix[08:22] <toscalix> I would go for provide more options on the deployment side so more people is willing to try it out16:23
toscalix+ fixes, yes16:23
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kristermanOkay, that would require significant changes, I need to have a talk with donbrown about how to proceed on this16:27
kristermanis donbrown working from home tomorrow?16:40
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