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kristermanHello to all16:30
kristermanI was looking at this issue:
kristermanAnd ended checking this script:
kristermanas donbrown suggested16:32
kristermanit seems that in all url global variables are initialised using this format: "/directory/%(directory)s/..."16:34
kristermanBut it seems like the variables are never set using '%' later on this script16:35
kristermanDoes anyone have any idea if this is happening in any other script/way?16:35
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toscalixGwaihir: might be your man since he is one of the developers.16:59
toscalixkristerman: another source for specific technical questions could be #kernelci in freenode16:59
toscalixGwaihir: is also there16:59
kristermanthank you toscalix , although from what I see he is not online at the moment17:00
toscalixI believe he is in the US17:00
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