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toscalixdonbrown: I believe you ran into the same issue published on the cip'dev mailing list. Can you help_09:00
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toscalixdonbrown: I moved your howto to the right page in the wiki, a new one14:25
toscalixedit problem fixed14:28
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toscalixlink to the wip instructions:
toscalixdonbrown: I moved the content to its own page15:24
toscalixwagi: donbrown will answer your mail in a few minutes. He is summarising where he is at15:25
toscalixwith the issue you pointed15:25
donbrownwagi: I am so sorry that I missed your message. I have the same issues as the one spelled out in the mailing list and spent most of the day yesterday working on solving it. I am replying to the issue now, so you will see what I've done, where things stand now and what I need to do next.15:25
toscalixand we had a discussion about what OS version to go to15:25
donbrowntoscalix - you beat me to it15:25
toscalixor stay in the current one15:25
toscalixdonbrown: just today :-)15:26
donbrowntoscalix: Should I detail it here or in the mailing list?15:26
toscalixmailing list15:26
donbrownOk. That's what I thought.15:26
donbrownWorking on it now15:26
toscalixah, is back again15:26
donbrowntoscalix: I just got this message on GitLab:15:27
donbrownThe size of this repository (420 GB) exceeds the limit of 10 GB by 410 GB. You won't be able to push new code to this project. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.15:27
donbrownDo we need to buy more space?15:27
toscalix420 Gb ? jojojo.... let me check15:29
toscalixdonbrown: what is it do big?15:33
donbrownThat's what it sounds like... I'm not sure15:33
toscalix5.7 TB what?15:34
donbrownI have no idea why it would be 420GB at this point unless we accidentally push the VMs out to it15:35
toscalixI think it is the new push done by Yoshi from Toshiba of the new kernel15:36
rjekwat wat wat15:42
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toscalixI cannot put effort on this right now. I will try to turn bwh branch into master in our kernel repo. If it doesn't work, I will erase everything and create a new repo that just mirrors CIP-kernel repo15:44
toscalixwe have the whole kernel here15:44
pedroalvareztoscalix: I just tried to have a look at this massive git repostiory.  It looks like it's a mirror from a tree. Is it possible that given the ammount of branches, that the repository being mirrored is actually that big?16:02
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pedroalvarezwould it be possible to limit the branches to mirror?16:02
pedroalvarezit looks like it's not possible to do that in gitlab16:03
donbrownwagi: I responded to the issue you sent in the cip-dev Mailing List. Please look at my notes on GitLab for Issue #12. They are a bit verbose, but I thought it was important to include all of my findings for understanding.16:09
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toscalixpedroalvarez: I believe it is not16:24
toscalixin any case the kernel is no more that 10Gb Something else is going on16:25
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toscalixI cannot access the page16:44
toscalixto erase some16:44
toscalixso I assume the problem is in this project16:45
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toscalixusing the housekeeping option to compress the info17:02
toscalixunchecked the automatic mirroring for now17:03
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