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khilmananyone familiar with audiomanager: should we expect it to work on QEMU?   c.f.
khilmankernel has an audio driver, but audiomanager is not happy.00:19
mranostaykhilman: mdp has some magic setup for it iirc00:20
* khilman awaits the magic00:21
mranostaykhilman: yeah well it is 8:30p in Ohio-land :)00:24
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[AD]Turbohi there07:39
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jobolhi all, are beggar still awaken?07:46
jobolno ? owlet then?07:46
leon-anavijobol, how are you?07:54
jobolhi leon-anavi I'm scrapping with BTLE so tired07:55
joboland you how is it hangin?07:56
leon-anavigood :)08:08
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mdpkhilman, you caught me at the pub last night...I know it's early for you now but here's how I boot qemu images with audio and BT support (audiomanager is running):
mdpkhilman: keep in mind that I know you have a bit different use case going with CI in that I believe you use runqemu. I've documented the above (but haven't sent a PR yet to docs-agl) for the end-user use cases of using a host distro qemu to boot our qemu image.12:51
mdpkhilman: in any case, the same options should work in your build's qemuboot.conf12:51
dl9pfmdp: thanks for qemu cmdline ... -usbdevice host:$USB_BT   .... that will be a challenge ... /12:53
dl9pfis BT a requirement for audiomanager to start up ?12:53
mdpno, that's just something local for my work..I actually don't document that in the docs update.12:54
dl9pfwe will likely use use QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none  in CI12:54
dl9pfplease add most of it to docs-agl . Valuable info.12:55
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mdpI'm touching up some vbox and vmware stuff now before a PR12:56
mdpyeah, I know it's long overdue ;)12:56
mdpdl9pf: oh, and it assumes presence of a vmdk.xz for the "exact steps"
dl9pfyes ... yes12:57
mdpI am saddened to have my system polluted with the vmware gunk now :( had to downgrade to gcc 5 and so on to work around its madness.12:58
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dl9pfonly have vbox here ... but with kernel close to mainline it is alway a mess. no matter what of these you use.13:04
mdpyeah, I only grabbed vmware because I know it's a use case for many AGL users13:09
mdpI don't want to hear that a patch of mine broke it again ;)13:09
mdpdl9pf: is the WIP qemu docs13:11
dl9pflooks good ... nitpick:  add  cd tmp/deploy/images/qemux86-64/   before  xz -d ....  (just for 'exactsteps')13:14
dl9pfor add note ... "Image in folder  tmp/deploy/... )  ...13:14
* dl9pf runs13:14
furyHi guys13:15
furyHow's it hangin?13:15
dl9pfgood and you fury: ?13:15
furyHangin in there :D not gonna be quite as late to work as I was the last couple days, woo13:16
mdpyeah, I didn't do that because they may be downloading the image from our release site and following the build instructions. but in this case, since I'm describing the build I will add that..good point.13:16
mdpI really want to ultimately separate this notion of build...and people can find it13:16
mdpand make the docs consistent across platforms ;)13:17
dl9pfyes, you're right  ... build is one phase ... could be replaced by download ... running it is the same for both ...13:18
mdpbaby steps..we can reorg on another iteration13:28
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dl9pfclaneys: ping15:15
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claneysi'm here15:20
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dl9pfhi ! sent you a pm15:20
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mdpugh, vmware broke my zoom client. death by binary blobs.16:04
* mdp blames AGL ;)16:05
mranostaymdp: how is that even possible?16:05
mdpnfc, somewhere in my downgrade to gcc5 and whatever dependencies to make vmware's binary blob module builds happy16:05
mdpat least vbox actually has a competent linux client team.16:06
dl9pfmdp: does your skript run with QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none , too ?16:07
dl9pfe.g. boot-up (just no audio pass-through) ?16:07
mdpdl9pf: will check in a sec...on a short call16:08
dl9pfmdp: basically we try to have the sound device internally (emulated) but nothing on the outside and audiomanager still happy (tm)16:11
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khilmanIf there is noone in the CI lab to hear the sound, does the sound actually exist?  ;)16:13
dl9pfwe could use wav output and mail that to  mdp's phone :P16:15
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mdpdl9pf: I would insist that we tunnel the pcm over ssh or something similarly !sane.16:22
mdpdl9pf: mail me a .mkv of the display output too16:26
dl9pfmdp: yes, lol16:31
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mdpdl9pf: buy some more disk space ;)16:33
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dl9pfmdp: does audiomanager require SINK and SOURCE to be present ?16:36
mdpyeah, I think that may be your problem16:37
dl9pfwe seem to have trouble with QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none + audiomanager not starting up ...16:37
* mdp is still on a (boring) call16:37
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mranostaymdp: you aren't suppose to say that outloud :)16:39
khilmanfor anyone who may be bored: here's a boot log with QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none and a (repeatedly) unhappy audiomanager.service:
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furynetgate's saying they had the problem on the dual-ethernet version of the quad core minnowboard too :X wonder if this is a problem on ALL minnowboards17:01
furymemtest86 reveals it within 5-10 mins or so (parallel mode), otherwise it's random from minutes to hours when using AGL or whatever17:01
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dl9pffury: oh ... need to test mine17:04
mranostayfury: seems someone dropped the ball on EMI testing17:12
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mdpthe prpplague minnowboards work fine ;)17:23
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mdpkhilman: I just ran with -soundhw hda and QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none and audiomanager is running...well, 3 day old master image.17:38
khilmanmdp: I just discovered that using KVM like you're doing makes it work17:39
dl9pfmdp: != kvm and it fails to start quite a few times17:39
dl9pfsmells like a bug in the .service dependencies17:39
dl9pfor /dev/foo not ready17:39
dl9pffor slow machines17:40
dl9pfcould be another heisenbug like 544 ;)17:40
mdpkhilman: gotcha17:40
mdpat least HomeScreen complains loudly if you forget all the magic sse options to qemu17:41
khilmanmdp: for kicks, try without -enable-kvm and "-cpu Nehalem,check=false"17:41
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khilmanor, keep your same -cpu=X but just drop -enable-kvm.   Just doing that, I see audiomanager repeatedly fail and retry to start17:44
mdpkhilman: glacial speed now of course, but I see the audiomanager/systemd restart dance17:44
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khilmanyeah, so smells like a boot speed issue, maybe a race due to systemd deps missing or whatever.17:45
mdpI suspect this is not the first or last of the race conditions..there are many17:45
mdpand I just switched back to my cpu options and confirmed as you suggested. fun17:46
mdpassign a bug to smurray, he loves debugging systemd race conditions17:46
mdpkhilman: we've had ongoing issues with homescreen/windowmanager as well17:47
khilmanshould be more fun when we try this on QEMU ARM. :)17:47
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mdpkhilman: similar to this we had a group of developers exclusively using netboot that made the HS/WM race rare if ever happen..but it was triggered quite frequently on any system rooted off of mmc/sd.17:50
dl9pfwe should add 'slow i/o' then to the mix17:52
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dl9pf-drive if=virtio,file=diskimage.ext4,throttling.bps-write=52428800,throttling.iops-total=6000     play with17:53
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mdpahh, yeah, cute18:20
* mdp learns a new trick today. :)18:21
* khilman creates a bug but cowardly refuses to assign it to avoid makiing enemies
mranostaykhilman: too late JIRA autoassigned to Nobuhiko Tanibata :)18:30
khilmanThen we blame JIRA (like normal) instead of me. ;)18:30
mranostaykhilman: although best to make enemies that aren't with driving distance :P18:32
mdpif I get blamed I'm throwing you all under the bus18:32
mdpkhilman: I may take a look at it actually since I've been in the depths of AM recently for something...need to get something else off my plate today first.18:34
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mdpdarn, dl9pf actually acted on that statement.19:02
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ZenEntropyHi there, I'm looking at some guidance to build and run AGL demo platform for QEMU on a MacOS system, haven't found much materials on Jira/wiki. Can someone help me out with the procedure? or point me to an existing exhaustive doc?19:22
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mdpZenEntropy: OSX is a bit of a rare platform for the AGL community so we don't have docs for that. The other issue you'll likely run into is that less developers maintain that for qemu. But if you build qemu for OSX and can add some docs for that case to our existing instructions for qemu on Linux..that would be welcomed.19:39
ZenEntropymdp: Thanks, I know OSX is not too "popular" in th eAGL community ;) If I can succeed I would probably make some notes. Could find how to build AGL  for QEMU but could not find instructions to setup and run QEMU on Linux, is there any somewhere?19:44
dl9pfZenEntropy: this commandline from mdp: might help:   qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 2048 \19:45
dl9pf-hda agl-demo-platform-qemux86-64.vmdk \19:45
dl9pf-cpu kvm64 -cpu qemu64,+ssse3,+sse4.1,+sse4.2,+popcnt \19:45
dl9pf-vga std -show-cursor \19:45
dl9pf-device virtio-rng-pci \19:45
dl9pf-serial mon:stdio -serial null \19:45
dl9pf-soundhw hda \19:45
dl9pf-net nic,vlan=0 \19:45
dl9pf-net user,hostfwd=tcp::2222-:2219:45
mdpZenEntropy: full context here:
mdpnote that you'll have to modify accordingly for lack of kvm on idea if qemu for osx is mature enough to use the virtualization apis on osx.19:47
mdpZenEntropy: the short answer is "patches welcome" :)19:48
mdpZenEntropy: also note that these docs depend on a merge of the vmdk.xz patches that are under review.19:49
mdpfor now, you can boot the .ext4, but I wrote the stuff to just consistently use the same image across different VMs to be less confusing.19:50
dl9pfZenEntropy: Alain ?19:57
ZenEntropySorry, network issues, I'm in a Starbucks in California ;)19:59
mdpZenEntropy: starting docs in that link above.20:01
ZenEntropymdp: reading the doc right now20:04
ZenEntropymdp: thanks20:04
mdpnp, I just finished it up..I'm sure it can be improved a bit more..I do want to document the sdk target etc...but works for me.20:06
ZenEntropymdp: it's already helpful, perhaps I should go the Virtualbox, might be more evolved on OSX than QEMU...20:10
mdpyeah, I would recommend'll have to add AGL_EXTRA_IMAGE_FSTYPES := "vmdk" to your local.conf to get it to spit out a vmdk. that won't be necessary soon as we'll generate a vmdk.xz by default.20:13
mdpor vdi if you like20:14
ZenEntropymdp: OK thanks again, gotta digest this and try it out20:15
mdpZenEntropy: my gut feeling is you'll be disappointed in QEMU on OSX.20:16
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ZenEntropymdp: Kinda have a hunch I will ;)20:18
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ZenEntropyHaving trouble with OpenSSH server, trying to enable it through systemd and get error, seems like some config files are missing, any hints? thx21:45
mdpdl9pf: well, whatever is generating the docs page sure messes up the markdown code blocks. it's proper syntax as evidenced with all the md parsers I preview with as well as pandoc's generated html...but not on I'll have to tweak some more for that generator.21:55
mdpsome of the code blocks, that is.21:56
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furyhmm. i just happened to find a jacinto 6 evm board laying around O_o22:08
furyodd thing to just happen upon in my office22:08
furybut agl master -m dra7xx-evm doesn't seem to be building at the moment22:08
mdpfury, be aware depending on what i/o stack you have on may need to adjust the display overlays for the display you on ti wiki22:09
furyi was planning on rolling hdmi and usb like usual22:09
furydidn't opt for any of the optional addon boards22:09
mdpfury: it's vendor maintained..but should at least build given that it's in CI22:09
mdpfury, yeah, the turnkey config is set for a specific setup that ti, j-s, and I have locally22:10
furyah ok22:10
* mdp goes *poof*22:11
furyhave a good one :D22:11
mranostaygah :)22:27
mranostayfury: how dare you take my number!22:33
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furybecause 7 8 9!22:55
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