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*** msisov has joined #automotive00:32 many lines of code are in AGL? :P00:38
mranostayfury: ah SLoC the ultimate useless metric :)00:39
furyhehe yeah I saw a tweet somebody bragging about how easy it is to count their lines of code, I was going to do a loc count on AGL and expect it to be like 50 million and include this photo :P
mranostayfury: hmmm lines of code for a javascript app versus a kernel driver :)00:43
mranostaycould spend a month writing 200 lines of code.. or pop out 10k javascript lines :)00:44
furyshe is awesome at command line tips, has an army of followers, and unlike me she is making something :P so almost don't want to say anything for fear of reprisal, but also don't want anyone to get the idea that loc is anything more than trivia00:45
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furyi think she's making her first app or something, and journaling everything along the way... reminds me of me when i was young and energetic, i even wrote in the second version of my game a self-line counting tool :P the bottom of the game page always said "25,000some lines of code" or whatever00:47
mranostayfury: heh those road signs are rarely locked... *ahem*00:47
mranostayfury: default password or written in sharpie under the unit :)00:48
mranostayah to be a teenager again :)00:49
furyso...which board should I get next? :P00:53
furyhave to return the minnowboards00:54
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smurrayfury: kind of depends on your target usecase, I guess01:31
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mranostayfury: Threadripper? :)05:17
mranostaydoubles as a heater in the winter :)05:17
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leon-anavimorning :)06:10
mranostayleon-anavi: oh noes the veggies have affected your typing!06:14
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leon-anavihi mranostay06:17
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[AD]Turbociao all07:25
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furyI started a thing to count lines of code in my AGL build directory. That was 12 hours ago. It's up to 2 million files and still isn't done. My god, what have I done?12:38
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CTtpollardthe yocto build dir? brave....12:41
* mdp waits for a Sagan-esque proclamation.12:42
furykinda curious to see this through to the end but I need to end this SSH session and disconnect from the VPN and head to the office...12:43
furydon't wanna throw away 12 hours of SSD thrashing and CPU cycles tho12:43
smurrayno screen session?12:44
furyFrom what I just googled, I guess I can ctrl+z, bg, disown, but then how do I attach a different thing to it that'll keep it running and capture stdout?12:46
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furyClose decided he'd step up to the keyboard and try a few commands12:48
smurrayI believe that bg, then disown won't be enough, it'll still die when the terminal goes away12:50
smurrayit'll get a write error the first time it tries to use stdin/stdout/stderr12:50
furywell, I lost connection anyway before I could figure out what to do. Oh well :D12:51
mdpbyobu ftw12:52
dl9pfonly screen or tmux work well ... things like 'retty' did never really work here12:56
smurrayheh, I find byobu too fancy, screen all the way12:57
furyI haven't used screen or anything like that much myself (once recently to test a serial port on porter, when it didn't have picocom). 15 years ago, or so, I was seeking help with my server config, someone offered, they told me to do some screen command so I could watch what they were doing, it was so neat. They were so fast I could hardly keep up13:00
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dl9pfmdp: nice ... i like the F-keys13:02
mdpsmurray: I'm a fancy sorta guy ;) er, nm13:04
mdpsmurray: you are old and reject change..ref: ifconfig/ip :P13:05
furyI still haven't figured that out. I keep using ifconfig :P13:06
smurraymdp: I worked out that the minimum typing is "ip a s dev foo", which is still more than "ifconfig foo" by 2 chars ;)13:07
mdpsmurray: but but..consistent interface to!13:07
mdpsmurray: because you need to do bridging config a lot ;)13:08
mdpsmurray: you need to fix that in an obligatory 'ipng', of course.13:09
mdpwhich just cost us 2 characters :(13:09
dl9pfsmurray: any luck finding the magic patch between 230 and 232 ?13:15
smurraydl9pf: sorry, haven't had a chance to look yet, will try to make time in the next day13:16
claneysdl9pf, hello. I just updated review about low-can for DAB. Got some issues to reproduce the build environment but it should be better now13:17
dl9pfbuild env is pure sdk of latest snapshot builds13:18
dl9pflets see13:18
claneysyep, i figure it out13:18
claneysand test against same sdk then13:18
claneysfailed again crap13:20
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mranostaysmurray: how many patches are in the bisect between 230 and 232?15:35
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fury40.8 million lines, in case anyone was wondering20:07
furyabout 15 million of which are blank or comments20:08
furytook about twice as long to count (100 minutes) as it takes to compile :P20:11
furyoh. 40.8 million lines of code in addition to the 15 million blank+comments20:14
fury27m lines are c/c++ source/headers20:15
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mranostayfury:   i can submit a few patches with millions of // SLoC PADDING!  lines if you want :)20:21
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furyCode-Review-1 needs moar lines21:38
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