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gnomon1One question for group, does somebody know something about Freescale=NXP=Quallcomm`s boards such as imx6qsabreauto and its support of AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) ?02:01
gnomon1I found  and tried only CES demos on Fs`s git  git:// -b imx-4.1.15-1.0.0_agl-demo.02:01
gnomon1I also send a lot of questions to support, but no response in this field ...02:02
gnomon1anyway AGL somehow works on imx6qsabreauto, i wonder if Freescale itself has some plans to play with this ...02:04
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CTtpollardmorning leon-anavi10:11
leon-anavihi CTtpollard how are you?10:11
CTtpollardleon-anavi: not bad, will be packing for FOSDEM tonight :)10:12
leon-anavinice :)10:13
leon-anaviWhen is your flight to Brussels?10:13
CTtpollardFriday morning, you?10:15
leon-anaviFriday late night10:27
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zeenixCTtpollard: surely, it's just a backpack? :)11:04
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westonhi guys12:14
westonWhat about the LTSI kenel version supported in latest AGL and GDP?12:14
westonI see, version 4.6 for AGL and GDP for a Renesas Gen3 hardware12:15
westonBut I think, it is not an LTSI varient12:15
westonCan someone give some light on this12:15
CTtpollardweston: the kernel version is often defined by the poky release, not AGL/GDP unless overridden for example by the specific BSP12:16
CTtpollardGDP for example has a required minimum version as defined by the baseline12:17
westonCTtpollard: Thank you. But, is there any roadmap to have LTSI varient for the automotive grades?12:17
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gunnarxFor what it's worth, GENIVI compliance/baseline takes the LTSI roadmap into account12:20
gunnarxBasically, as an LTSI version goes out of support, the relevant EG usually propose the next one as the required minimum version12:20
gunnarxbut beyond that, it's really up to silicon vendors / platforms / distros since they often tweak kernel configuration anyway12:22
westongunnarx: thank you.12:23
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gunnarxyou're welcome.  sometimes but rarely, the EG communicate some other drivers for kernel version choice, such as when systemd + kernel devs are colluding ;-) on some new feature12:27
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dl9pfgnomon1: there are some community-efforts atm for the sabre, might or might not work out of the box. AFAIK thats it.13:43
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furyhi guys14:48
furyhow's it hangin?14:48
jbocklagehmmmm.... is github slow right now?14:52
jbocklageI only get 7kB/s14:52
smurraymaybe everyone's migrating off of gitlab ;)14:55
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furydon't scare me like that, i just installed gitlab, what's wrong with it :P15:08
furyoh, ouch15:09
furyi feel their pain...i wish i had had a 6 hour old backup when that happened to me15:09
furylost over a year of all my forums' posts, lost all historical game data associated with one of my I've got backups happening every hour lol15:11
furywhich reminds me, i should double check and see if there's room on the drive it's backing up to15:11
furyhad 14 gigs free, wasn't gonna be enough for the next full backup cycle15:13
* jbocklage needs to reboot...15:17
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furymy database drive failed out of the blue, never not having like 4 copies of somethin gagain15:20
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CTtpollardfury: what game? :)15:24 - it's an ugly looking game, don't look at it :P one of these days when i get spare time (lol) i'm going to rewrite it and implement a redesign that's been in the pipeline for a while (got all the art and templates, just haven't been able to plug it into the aging codebase)15:26
furyi was super into web games last decade, it's basically what got me whole-hog into programming15:27
furybut if you'd asked me back then if i thought i'd be working on automotive stuff, i'd have looked at you funny :P15:27
furyfunny the twists and turns I've taken on this road15:28
jbocklage[ChanServ] "HAHA OMGod Hi *n"15:32
furyi have an older web game where i at least had a year old backup of the game data, but only 5-10 people still play it anyway, they didn't seem to mind it too much. i haven't updated the games in a long time, people just keep on playing them15:35
jbocklageor bots15:36
furythat would be so cool if someone made bots to make it look like more people were playing my games15:36
dl9pfLol, I love the "rm dir" on the wrong db node ... perfect mistake in such situations15:37
jbocklage[16:09:10] <CTtpollard> fury:      ;))15:37
furyyep, i'm pretty sure that'd be me at some point15:37
furyif i had a multiserver infrastructure, i'd probably want to make the terminals i use to access the different machines have a vastly different style or color scheme to make sure i didn't confuse them15:38
furyused to have one web box and a separate db box15:39
waltminerwhere is “team-member-3 curses out team-member-1”15:40
furyand to get to the db box i had to ssh into the web box and ssh to the db box from there, because it wasn't connected to the internet15:40
furythey prolly left that part off of the doc :P15:40
furyscrolling off to the nether regions of their internal slack i imagine15:41
waltmineror “team-member-2 and team-member-3 mercillessly mock team-member-1”15:41
jbocklagefury: not sure what it does, but it looks like cheating ;)
jbocklagewaltminer: make love not cursing/mocking ;)15:42
furynope, some people are just that fast... i have no idea how or why they get that fast, but that's what they liked to do lol15:42
furysome people do cheat at it, but they get caught and banned at some point15:42
waltminercome on we’ve all been team-member-115:42
furyyup, I've had more than one of those team-member-1 moments15:43
furystill remember the chill down my spine when i realized what had happened15:44
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gunnarxR.I.P. team-member-1!...16:01
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