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zeenixso who's going to be at Delirium?10:53
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pedroalvarezzeenix: friday event?10:59
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mcmm_Hi, I'm rather new to genivi and yocto. At the moment I'm trying to add a simple application to GDP for the RPI3. I had no problems building the genivi/yocto baseline from scratch. I've downloaded the SDE and created a simple "Hello World app" within QT Creater. But I don't have a clue how to add it to yocto, so this app will show up when booting the RPI3.11:20
mcmm_I hope someone can help me here11:21
CTtpollardmcmm_:my advice would be to look at some of the existing qt app recipes11:24
mcmm_Currently I have added a simple recipe under meta-genivi-dev/meta-genivi-dev. I've placed the binary within this recipe. The bb file contains a do_install functions, which creates a subdirectory under opt/ and copies the binary this location. But for some reason yocto does not perform this new recipe11:34
CTtpollardmcmm_: the recipes needs to be added to local.conf of the genivi-dev-platform recipe that you are building11:37
CTtpollardelse it doesn't know it needs building into the rootfs11:37
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mcmm_I thought that within conf/layer.conf the following lines handle this: BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \         ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend11:42
CTtpollardthat just gives bitbake the path to recipes, it needs to know to build them too11:52
CTtpollardso image install append in local.conf or as I say add the package recipe to the image recipe11:52
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zeenixpedroalvarez: yes12:01
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zeenixmcmm_: if this app is planned to be part of GDP, you want to add to image recipe12:03
zeenixCTtpollard: right?12:04
CTtpollardzeenix: That's what I've said, or image install append in local.conf12:04
CTtpollardor you can bitbake the recipe directly to see any failures12:04
zeenixi need lunch12:09
mcmm_At the moment I'm investigating what exactly genivi is and how to use yocto. Currently I'm probably the only person from our company, who is trying to retrieve some "genivi" experience. Althought on paper, we already have this experience :-) But as I mentioned, I'm just starting.12:15
CTtpollardmcmm_: you're welcome here then :)12:15
CTtpollard#yocto on this irc server is also helpful for yocto specific (or embedded in general really) qeustions12:16
mcmm_I'll add this channel, thanks12:16
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dl9pfronan__: saw your comments, how does it work-out ?12:32
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CTtpollardzeenix: the readme's for the launcher give a pretty nice guide on how to add new apps12:48
CTtpollardWe just used that to integrate the initial apps, I would pass that to FSA12:48
zeenixCTtpollard: ah ok, thanks12:51
zeenixjust comment on the bug?12:51
gunnarxmmcm_: which company claims to have experience, that you don't have?  :-)12:53
gunnarxhehe :-)12:53
gunnarxCTtpollard, and all.  Regarding "or add to local.conf" there's now a new option - put it in developer.conf, which is not touched by GDP repo12:57
gunnarxgood for temporary/local changes before merge into master is even considered12:59
dl9pfAGL EG-CIAT call starts13:02
dl9pfronan__: kooltux: wanna join ?13:02
gunnarxmcmm_, ah.  brave of you, I wasn't sure you would answer :)13:05
leon-anavisorry to say it but based on my previous experience it is not a surprise. Actually it is a very common practice for Eastern European companies to claim they have experience in totally unknown for them fields :) I worked for a kind of typical Eastern European IT company in the past :)13:08
leon-anaviI am really glad these days are in the past for me :)13:09
gunnarxno more comment from me13:11
* gunnarx backs away slowly13:11
leon-anavimcmm_, how is the Tizen 3.0 project going on? Couple of your colleagues disturbed me with tech questions about it on my private email at the beginning of December :)13:11
mcmm_I don't know anything about a Tizen project. But I have just started to work here, so maybe they do something with Tizen in a different department.13:16
zeenixCTtpollard: should i comment on /GDP-15 then?13:17
zeenixleon-anavi: hey13:20
leon-anavihi zeenix13:20
zeenixleon-anavi: is there any docs on how to add a backend to sota-client?13:20
zeenixsorry if i asked before, way too many things to put in the head at the same time13:20
leon-anaviyes, there are getting started guidelines for building the SOTA server.13:21
zeenixleon-anavi: thanks but i meant the client's backend13:22
leon-anaviI am not an expert about the client so for details we might have to ask ATS developers.13:22
zeenixok, i'll do that. Do you know who'll be best contact?13:22
leon-anaviI suggest to read the docs first13:23
leon-anaviOnce you have the server up and running you can connect the SOTA Client13:23
leon-anaviI believe Phil Wise and/or Arthur Taylor will be happy to share with you details if you have any specific questions.13:24
zeenixleon-anavi: thanks13:25
leon-anaviIf you are using GDP you can skip the instructions for building the SOTA client via Docker because we have already integrated a Yocto/OE recipe so just make sure it is present in your image.13:25
zeenixleon-anavi: sorry i didn't mention the context: this is to prepare for my fosdem talk :)13:26
zeenixi-e information for sharing at the moment, not to actually do anything with it myself13:26
leon-anaviok, in this case definitely contact Arthur or Phil because they can share with you slides that you can copy & paste into your presentation.13:27
leon-anaviI think this will save you some time and efforts and in the same time will ensure that the information is up to date13:27
leon-anaviWould you like me to get you in contact with them via email?13:28
zeenixleon-anavi: thanks. I've been already in contact with Phil at least so that's ok13:29
leon-anaviok, perfect :)13:34
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zeenixrZr: hey13:58
zeenixrZr: at first i thought you confused branch with tag but seems meta-oic uses versions of branch names13:59
zeenixrZr: is there a reason for that?14:00
zeenixit's pretty usual to have MAJOR.MINOR as branch but it's the first i see a full version number with micro as well for branches rather than tags14:01
zeenixhence the question14:01
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leon-anavihey zeenix, I talked to Phil from ATS and I've just sent an introduction email. Let us know how we can help you with the SOTA slides.16:23
zeenixleon-anavi: saw your mail, thanks. I wrote to the wrong Phil i think :)16:28
zeenixleon-anavi: but good that you now connected me to the right person :D16:28
leon-anavihehe :) no worries :)16:30
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