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gunnarxHi RzR09:15
gunnarxhow have you been. and what are you working on? :)09:15
RzRI've played a bit w/ MCU recently09:18
RzRand about to update meta-oic09:19
RzRIf you want to build iotivity in images, ping me :)09:19
RzRyea arduinos09:20
gunnarxMarvell cinematic universe? :)09:20
gunnarxok :)09:20
RzRGENIVI is mentionned ^09:20
gunnarxcars are hot09:21
gunnarxoh, the "standards" xkcd :)09:21
gunnarxwe have it on our wall next to the coffee machine09:21
gunnarxinstead of images, I'd rather (continue with) getting iotivity clients into GDP09:23
RzRI suppose it's one w/ "capsules" or maybe it translates09:23
RzRgunnarx, the basic clients I proposed where rejected, maybe the bug could be reopen09:24
gunnarxyeah maybe09:24
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gunnarxIt's about variation, we have discussed a lot about that lately.   What goes into GDP master should be "for everyone" but that's a tricky balance09:25
gunnarxwe encourage variants and experiments for sure.   I think last time the discussion was about how easy it is for people to use it, what additional hardware they need, what needs to be available on server side etc.09:26
gunnarxdownloaded your slide deck for tablet viewing now :)09:27
RzRone question is RPI port stable ?09:31
gunnarxAFAIK, as good as any.  CTtpollard - comment?09:32
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furyhi guys09:33
furyhow's it hangin?09:33
gunnarxRzR:  I know it was the preferred target for one out of two hands-on sessions09:34
gunnarxand also the first target build for the new RC3, so yes I have not heard of any problems.09:34
RzRI will give a try on pizero09:34
RzRdon't hold your breath :)09:34
gunnarxno :)09:35
gunnarxI assume you build from source and in that case you can do Minnowboard or whatever you like, but if you don't build from source you want the RPi-RC3 image09:35
gunnarxwiki -> GDP -> GDP downloads09:36
RzRyes BFS I am not cheating :)09:36
gunnarxHave you tried the SDE?09:36
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gunnarxwould be cool to get your impression and feedback for improvement09:36
RzRwhat is that ?09:36
RzRide ?09:37
gunnarxpretty much09:37
RzReclipse ?09:37
gunnarxwiki -> GDP -> GDP SDE read and download :)09:37
gunnarxeclipse part could do with some testing and feedback, most users are on qt creator I think09:38
RzRnice qtc09:38
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CTtpollardMaster 'RC3' works on all supported GDP boards, just not 'officially'09:55
gunnarxthanks for that CTtpollard10:00
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CTtpollardHopefully we able to switch GDP to a commit of meta-raspberrypi that 'fixes' specific taskhash mismatch errors to under Krogoth10:36
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CTtpollardhmm indeed12:15
gunnarxdouble hmm12:18
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gunnarxleon-anavi, did you try Webex on Linux yet?12:29
* radiofree wonders if anyone has ever successfully managed that12:31
gunnarxradiofree: I run it all the time, and it's documented:
gunnarxI had an idea for  this weekend to package that into a VM, something with no fuss and no need to taint your system12:34
radiofreegunnarx: flatpak container please :D12:35
gunnarxthat'll be generation 212:35
gunnarxvagrant is too easy12:35
furyI got as far as compiling a usb driver kernel module, but it can't load it because all the usb symbols are unknown :D12:35
gunnarxJust checking with leon, just in case12:36
radiofreefury: when you insmod?12:36
radiofreeuse modprobe12:36
radiofreethat'll load the dependencies12:36
furywhere do i need to put the module for modprobe to work?12:36
radiofreei guess i've never got webex working because i din't know about the 32-bit lib requirement12:36
furycause i compiled it in a different dir12:36
radiofreeit should still have a make modules_install12:36
radiofreethen install it to target and run depmod12:37
radiofreefailing that, modprobe some usb related module and hope that's good enough to insmod with12:37
furythat was how i compiled the kernel and the modules that came with it, but this one is a new one i'm writing, it isn't part of the kernel build yet (is that easy to do? like, add my little driver thingie in as one of the selectable menu options in the menu config)12:39
furyi was following some tutorial on the youtubes about writing a kernel module usb driver and he compiled it in a separate dir, just included the Linux headers, his seemed to work but i'm also cross compiling...maybe i shouldn't try to cross compile, but didn't feel like waiting a few hours for a kernel build on an imx612:43
radiofreewell if you're getting symbol errors it sounds like you're using something from another module that hasn't been loaded yet12:44
radiofreewhat symbols is it complaining about?12:44
furybasically usb_*... usb_alloc_urb, usb_autopm_put_interface, usb_free_urb, usb_alloc_coherent, several others...12:45
radiofreecheck /lib/modules/$VERSION/kernel/drivers/usb12:46
radiofreeif you have something like usb-storage (in storage) do `modprobe usb-storage` and that should bring in a lot of the usb subsystem12:46
radiofreethen try and insmod yournewmodule.ko12:46
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furyhmm. only thing i found in there that i could load was an ftdi_sio thing, and that didn't seem to do the trick12:59
furymaybe i started from the wrong base with the usb skeleton?13:00
radiofreewell... does usb work on that target? :)13:03
furyyup, I've got a usb mouse and keyboard hooked up. i think most stuff is hardwired into the kernel, though, not as loadable modules13:04
furylsmod only lists a few tihngs13:04
radiofreeinterestingly you should get usb_free_urb etc.. from core (CONFIG_USB)13:05
* radiofree doesn't know what it's not working then13:08
radiofreedo you have your config in /proc/config.gz?13:08
radiofreedo the symbols show up in /proc/kallsyms?13:14
radiofreee.g  cat /proc/kallsyms | grep usb_free_urb13:14
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leon-anavihi gunnarx no, I haven't tried it yet. My plan is to try it next Wed before the meeting.14:18
leon-anaviI have bookmarked the article :)14:18
gunnarxnp, as you can see I might try creating a Vbox for it - I wouldn't mind having that setup for myself.14:19
CTtpollardat that point isn't it easier to just have a windows vm?14:20
CTtpollardwell easier to not use webex all together, but that's a different argument14:22
toscalixthe new version of the Android Webex client allows now the Share screen option, so I would go for that one14:23
CTtpollardor, use arc welder in chrome to run the android app under linux14:24
CTtpollardfor even more fun14:24
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furyi got one of those RTL dongles, how do I make the radio screen do thing?14:47
furyit says TypeError: Property 'play' of object Radio_QMLTYPE_90(0x1204a8) is not a function14:48
furyIMAGE_INSTALL_append = " rtl-sdr" I guess?15:01
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furythinking seriously about some massive cores...perhaps a 10-20 core server for building AGL or something. I'm already tired of waiting hours for a build :P16:34
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leon-anaviAGL has a Jenkins server which is building images quite often16:36
leon-anaviI believe that each patch submitted in Gerrit triggers a build in Jenkins16:36
furyThinking along the same lines, of having a Jenkins server in house. what kinda hardware is that one running?16:37
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leon-anavifury, I don't know. You should ask dl9pf16:41
leon-anavior may be kooltux16:42
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furyhmm. so I appended rtl-sdr and qml-radio-plugin to my AGL install image, what else am I missing for getting the RTL-SDR dongle & radio app to work?17:34
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smurrayfury: I believe the required bits should be getting pulled in if you configured with agl-demo.18:12
furyshould the fm radio app work out of the box or do I need to config something?18:13
furyI get an error that "play" is not a function18:14
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smurrayfury: fixing it is kind of mdp and myself's plate, but feel free to dig in ;)18:17
smurrayerr, on our plate18:17
mdpstill dealing with h/w dependent rpi3 issues18:19
furyoh, ok :D I didn't know it wasn't working, my bad. I dunno much about this stuff yet, I saw it was on the wiki for the ALS2016 demo apps and figured if I got that dongle and plugged it in I could hear some radio stations18:19
furyI'm still trying to figure out how to get set up to submit patches for the couple things I've run into18:20
furyand fumbling my way through kernel USB driver module development18:20
smurrayfury: the radio stations are hard-coded, at the very minimum, you'll need to edit FMRadio.qml to change them18:23
furyah. that I can do, I hard coded songs for the media player18:23
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smurraythe minimum change for ces will be to hard-code some vegas stations, stealing from the ces2016 demo if it has them18:35
furyhmm. I just hooked up the gechic 1502i to the porter, not getting any signal :o18:59
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furyok, whew. my bootloader was set to run at 1280x800 and it did not like that at all19:05
furyset it to 1920x1080 and everything's peachy19:06
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furyahhh... well, I took out the dummy radio import that was in imports/radio and got the radio started, but lots of stuttering... ALSA lib blah/pcm.c:7905:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred20:48
furynow I know why the radio was taken out of the demo for CES2016 :D20:48
furythat is so cool tho. grab a radio tuner off the shelf, plug it into the USB port, magic happens20:49
furyboggles my mind20:50
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furyworks fine with rtl_fm at the command line tho21:00
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dl9pffury: pong22:17
dl9pfeach gerrit change is built in jenkins22:17
furyhow beastly is that machine that builds every change?22:17
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fury40 cores?22:19
dl9pfits a cloud, so ~10 machines if needed  .  each machine has 16gb ram + 8 core22:19
furyhow do you spread across multiple machines, is that built into the cloud server stuff or is it something I can hackjob together with a gaggle of quad core machines?22:20
furycause quad core machines I got out the wazoo, couple on this desk, couple on that desk...22:21
dl9pfjenkins has an openstack cloud plugin that spins up the minions .22:21
dl9pf you can mimic that with real hardware slaves .22:21
dl9pfjenkins queries gerrit and triggers builds when changes come in.22:22
fury4 quad core desktops is probably cheaper than 1 16-core22:22
dl9pfwell, yes, but not as speedy as 40 cores with nvme ;)22:23
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furytrue :P22:23
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furywonder if it's worth it to set up a ram disk for AGL compile :P23:51
furyguess i'd need at least 64 gigs of RAM23:52
furyGPUs are massively parallel... has anyone ever thought to make the compiler stuff work on GPUs?23:54

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