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jlrmagnusStarted exploring a lightweight Audio Video Bridge (AVB) replacement.16:33
jlrmagnusIf there are any public requirements on QoS delivery of streaming media, please forward them to me so that I can take them into account.feel fr16:33
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furyhi guys16:51
furyhow's it hangin16:51
furydl9pf: the bitbake for raspberrypi3 worked from master branch :) i'm now trying to set one up for wandboard...this time i borrowed a partition from a computer that has an SSD on it, hopefully should be a bit faster16:52
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dl9pffury: cool!17:21
dl9pffury: you'll have to echo this into your conf/local.conf after selecting the wandboard:17:21
furyoops. i already started the bitbake process. too late, or can i ctrl+c and add that and resume bitbake?17:22
dl9pfACCEPT_FSL_EULA = "1"17:22
dl9pfyes, you can17:22
furyah, cool :) thanks for the heads up17:23
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dl9pfctrl+c (once) will be a graceful shutdown finishing pending jobs17:23
dl9pfctrl+c (twice) will be a forceful/immediate shutdown17:23
furyok, i've added the line in local.conf, will restart bitbake in a bit :D17:25
dl9pfand don't forget the symlink (site.conf) that we did yesterday17:25
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furyyup :) i had a fun time transferring the downloads from the computer that already did them over to this one, took 3 tries...17:25
furybecause apparently it can't just be simple to plop some files from one place to another, lol17:26
dl9pffury: just note that we're working on our servers right now,   if anything fails to fetch from, just retry in a few again.17:26
furysounds good17:26
dl9pffury: I tend to use rsync over ssh17:26
furyi tried rsync over ssh, but the wireless network in here is wonky, it was maxing out at 1 mbit17:27
dl9pflocal network ?17:27
furyyeah, but not enough ethernet cables handy to wire everything up17:27
dl9pfin my home lan I do things like tar + netcat pipe17:27
furyi flash drived17:28
furyare netcat and tar faster than rsync -z?17:30
dl9pfwell, might be for the first run. not for consecutive runs . there rsync is way better.17:38
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dl9pfbut to move something quick and simple, the tar-pipe is quite low overhead (but unencrypted)17:38
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fury502 on gerrit - is that due to the kernel update?18:18
furythat's making the bitbake fail - is there a way to let the bitbake run through all the tasks that it can instead of aborting on failure?18:26
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furybitbake --continue :D18:27
dl9pffury: still working on the servers18:32
dl9pfwill ping here when done18:32
furythat reminds me, i should probably update my servers18:33
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* Mathieu_Du busy fixing issues in the audiomanager stack when building in a custom prefix, are pull requests against github welcome ?20:06
Mathieu_Duhm "sending a pull request through GitHub (preferred process)", good :)20:10
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