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rdalei've built a GDP raspberry pi2 image and it runs, but what are the user and password to login to it?08:04
rdaleah found it root/root08:08
rdalei think it should be somewhere more obvious though08:08
rdaleon the wiki08:08
toscalixrdale: adding it08:16
rdalehow do i start the graphic environment?08:17
rdalehere on the github site it talks about adding things to local.conf:
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rdalebut if i look at the local conf that was generated by 'source raspberrypi2' it looks like it is using mesa and there doesn't seem to be anything about wayland08:22
toscalixadded to the deployment sections for each board user password08:27
toscalixrdale: rajm nor CTtpollard are not available today. chbae shows up around lunch08:28
toscalixmaybe another person can help you08:28
rdaleactually i'm wrong about the autogenerated local.conf it does mention wayland and weston - maybe the instructions of the github page are out of date08:29
toscalixI will open a ticket so we check them08:30
rdaleah ha, i just needed to type 'weston'08:33
rdalethe web browser works but the default keyboard seems to be a french layout or something, i dont know how to type 'y'08:36
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toscalixrdale: let's see what comes out of this
rdaleperhaps i should try building a raspberry pi image on an arm based chromebook i've got with baserock. i assume you can't build the poky based image natively08:57
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fredcadetedoes anyone know where the video of the AGL CES 2016 demonstrator is?14:09
fredcadetethe page with the press release seems to have lost the video:
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