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jjardonHi, where is the AGL Demo Apps source code? seems empthy07:09
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gmacarioHi there!10:02
toscalix=== GENIVI Tools Team meeting start ===10:02
philrobHi, all10:02
toscalixApologies for the delay10:02
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toscalix* AMM presentation: preparation10:02
leon-anavihi CTtpollard I have just change the path to cURL and sent "[PATCHv2 0/2] RVI SOTA client"10:02
toscalix* Follow up with tasks10:02
* toscalix here10:03
toscalixtic tac tic tac...10:03
toscalixok, let's start then.10:03
toscalixAMM presentation. Initially this team has 2 presentations: one for a general status update and one to talk about the git policy.10:04
toscalixTalking to philrob about them... I got to the following conclusion10:04
toscalixTools Team widely agree that each dev/delivery team should have its own git strategy10:05
toscalixthat better adapts to their needs10:05
gmacarioAgreed, we should provide TOOLS10:05
toscalixso I wonder if a session that was originally intended to discuss a potential git policy10:05
toscalixfor GENIVI still makes sense10:05
toscalixand if it does, if we can include it in our sessions instead of dedicating one hour to it10:06
toscalixmy fear is to not reach any meaningful conclusion in the session since each maintainer will set up its own strategy10:07
toscalixgmacario: what do you think?10:07
gmacarioI do not see the "git policy" the big topic for the same reasons you mentioned10:08
gmacarioOTOH I see the need of a status update plus a separate working sessions10:08
gmacarioSince I do not expect the status update to be interactive10:08
toscalix30 min / 30 min ?10:08
toscalixor 20 / 40?10:08
gmacarioFor the status update it is enough10:08
gmacarioBut a working session should stay to 1h I guess10:09
gmacarioBased on the update we can have a real discussion (if some other people show up)10:09
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klausbirkenHi all, sorry, I am late.10:09
gmacarioOtherwise it will just be another TOOL team meeting, but this time in person10:09
toscalixphilrob: is possible to reduce the status session to 30 min and have a working session (open) of 1 hour?10:10
toscalixand cancel the git policy session?10:10
toscalixyou gain 30 min for other stuff :-)10:10
philrobyes, possible, you can organize the content and even duration of the session as you want since it is scheduled at the end of Thu10:11
philrobwere we talking about the tool F2F session, right ?10:12
toscalixI take that as... we have 1 hour.... organise it as you want10:12
toscalixgmacario: the we can go for a 20 / 40 approach10:12
toscalixon Thursday to everybody10:12
gmacarioSo you want to have the status update + working session in one place?10:13
gmacariophilrob: I expected the TOOL status update was on Tuesday as the other EG10:13
gmacarioI do not see a point of having a status update on Thursday afternoon!10:14
philrobyes, there will be a status update on Tuesday as part of the group status overview10:14
toscalixsold then10:14
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gmacarioOK so we are done and we keep the Thursday only for a working session10:14
toscalixstatuys on tuesday and working session on thursday and we cancel the git policy session?10:14
toscalixFine then... now, talking about the working session, do you have ideas about the goal?10:15
gmacarioOnly the brave ones will show up on Thu afternoon!10:15
toscalixwelll....and those who have to show up on friday10:15
gmacarioCollect requirements from non-regular members?10:15
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gmacarioDon't forget we are in Paris!10:16
gmacarioAnd there may be a lot of distractions :P10:16
toscalixI hope so... or I won't resist the weel :-P10:16
toscalixI am interested in knowing what tools are the companies who are developing the modules using. It could be a good input for genivi10:17
klausbirkenWe had this survey earlier in 201510:18
toscalixklausbirken: I did not know. Link?10:18
klausbirkenI have to dig…10:18
toscalixanything else as goal?10:18
gmacarioIf nobody show up we can do some hackfest10:19
klausbirkenhere it is:
gmacarionobody except the usual suspects I mean10:19
toscalixgmacario: fine with me10:19
klausbirkenPaul Sherwood will have the raw data10:19
toscalixI will find out then, thanks10:20
gmacarioBut let's make a good advertisement to attract non-regular members to the working session10:20
gmacariothe hackfest should be a backup plan IMHO10:20
toscalixany other comment on the sessions?10:21
klausbirkenMaybe we should pick some of the (more complicated) tool issues from the tracker and discuss them / trying to finalize them10:21
toscalixshould we meet before the workshop session to prepare it?10:22
toscalixduring the event?10:22
toscalixwe will prepare it in advance....but the details10:22
gmacarioDuring the week it might be hard10:22
gmacarioMaybe a telco/webex on Wed instead10:23
toscalixwe can dedice in the last tools team meeting10:23
toscalixbefore the event, depending on our level of preparation10:23
toscalixanything else on this topic?10:23
gmacarioNot from me10:24
toscalixlet's move on then...10:24
toscalixtasks.... any update?10:24
toscalixI have none, I am afraid10:24
gmacarioI updated my assigned tasks10:24
klausbirkenI also have none… working on new Franca features in order to present them in Paris :-)10:25
gmacarioand created one which I took for myself:
klausbirkengerrithub sounds interesting, never heard about this10:25
toscalixwith the above I will do TOOL-5410:25
toscalixgmacario: interesting10:26
gmacarioI hope to have some results before the AMM10:27
gmacarioBy using it on a daily basis on a few projects I have on github10:27
toscalixtogether with the investigation on + might close the circle10:27
toscalixany other task to talk about?10:28
gmacarioMe neither10:29
toscalix == GENIVI Tolls Team Meeting Ends ==10:29
klausbirkenbye all!10:29
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: didn't want to interrupt the meeting, but yes, I'll push them to the CI pipeline again today10:35
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: pushed:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/qemu-ci and in ci
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CTtpollardsent to list also11:20
CTtpollardfor other interested parties11:20
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CTtpollardhi chbae12:11
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, thank you.12:14
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leon-anavihi toscalix, sorry for bothering you. Yesterday you mentioned about a GDP call. I haven't joined it before and I am wondering where can I find details about it. Is it the one at 16:00 UTC via the webex platform?12:20
toscalixugh, my bad..... you will receive the mail in a few minutes. Thanks for the wake up call12:21
toscalixtoo many meetings today12:21
leon-anavitoscalix, ok :) thanks :)12:23
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toscalixleon-anavi: mail sent with the instructions to join12:28
chbaeleon-anavi: I give you my small comments for your patch but it’s not mandatory. :)12:29
toscalixI am currently working in the report, which is the base for the discussion of the first point12:29
toscalixchbae: you are too kind to be a maintainer or what ? :-)12:29
leon-anavihi chbae thanks for the feedback and the help. I appreciate it.12:29
pedroalvareztoscalix: hahah there are communities and communities :)12:30
toscalixpedroalvarez: indeed12:31
chbaetoscalix: :) i would like to share my short yocto experience.12:34
leon-anavitoscalix, got your email. Thanks. I will try to setup webex on my ubuntu :)12:35
chbaeleon-anavi: if you think so about it, I love it.12:35
toscalixleon-anavi: if you have an android phone I recommend you that path12:36
leon-anavichbae, of course12:36
toscalixotherwise you will have to install a 32 bit browser12:36
toscalixwhich is a pain12:36
leon-anavitoscalix, I have one, but I have the gorgeous blue yeti usb mic which works on my ubuntu12:37
leon-anavioh...32 bit browser... this is nasty...12:37
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toscalixnasty is just one of the few adjetives we can apply, yes12:37
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jbocklageis there already a date for the next AMM?12:38
toscalixchbae: would you do me a favour? I would like to include a status comment about GDP-ivi9 on RPi2 in delivery report12:39
toscalixreading GDP-82 it is hard for a reader to have a picture of the current state12:40
toscalixwould you add a comment with 2 3 lines about the latest work and the current situation?12:40
toscalixI will refer to that comment to those asking for the current status within GENIVI12:40
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toscalixCTtpollard: any issue to report about related with the restructuring proposed by chbae?12:44
CTtpollardtoscalix: no, I'm personally happy with the structure for now12:46
CTtpollardrestructuring the genivi-demo-platform repo is a topic I hope to discuss at the AMM12:47
toscalixany plan to push it? Are you planning it for the release or for a first update?12:47
toscalixah, that solves my question12:47
CTtpollardthe changes to meta-genivi-demo made by chbae can be pushed to master for the release, is my opinion12:48
leon-anaviok... I tried running a test webex meeting on Ubuntu... I will use my Android phone for the meeting this afternoon :)12:48
CTtpollardI've yet to hear anyone say no to it12:48
chbaetoscalix: Please see my last comment.12:48
CTtpollardleon-anavi: that was exactly my experience when trying it on ubuntu12:49
toscalixchbae: great, beyond my expectations, thanks12:49
toscalixchbae: Adio Manager issue:
leon-anaviCTtpollard, :)12:50
toscalixas you already know ;-)12:50
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toscalixthanks for the update there also12:50
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yesterday I sent another patch for adding meta-rust as a git submodule to GDP. Could you please review it too because RVI SOTA client depends on it?12:53
CTtpollardleon-anavi: ! I've not had a good morning....12:54
CTtpollardlet me set that up12:54
leon-anaviCTtpollard, may be it is a kind of a virus ;) I haven't had good morning since I joined the world of the Rust programming language building apps with it for ARM ;) :)12:56
leon-anavijust joking of course :)12:56
CTtpollardthis brings up a need for a new pipeline actually12:57
CTtpollardbecause it requires patches in both meta-genivi and genivi-demo-platform12:58
leon-anavijobol, :)12:58
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, because RVI SOTA client requires cargo and rustc.12:59
chbaetoscalix: yes. i know the issue and if I have time, I’ll try to fix it in rpi2.12:59
leon-anaviThey are provided through meta-rust12:59
CTtpollardyup, I'm just thinking about how to structure this for the go server12:59
CTtpollardleon-anavi: are you ok with me creating the commit for the qemu branch to point the meta-genivi submodule to your commits?13:02
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, of course, pls do it :)13:02
CTtpollardleon-anavi: ok;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/qemu-ci &
CTtpollardupdated the list with that, sorry again13:07
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, very good, thank you.13:08
CTtpollardleon-anavi: the pipeline has already failed the git url isn't correct13:08
chbaeCTtpollard: why don’t you add meta-rust in bblayers.conf?13:09
CTtpollardleon-anavi: it will need to be a generic git:// url13:09
CTtpollardor http ofc13:09
chbaeCTtpollard, leon-anavi: I didn’t see meta-rust in gdp-src-build/conf/bblayers.conf13:10
CTtpollardchbae: it's not my patchset, I'm just pushing what I have received as part of the review process13:10
chbaeCTtpollard: then it’s leon-anavi’s mistake :)13:11
chbaeleon-anavi: please check it again.13:11
leon-anavichbae, CTtpollard I haven't added it to bblayers by default. RVI SOTA client isn't added to genivi-demo-image by default too.13:11
CTtpollarddoing it through the public CI ensures that it has to build before any merging13:11
CTtpollardleon-anavi: that was my understanding, you're just adding the capabilities for a user to build it13:12
leon-anaviCTtpollard, yes, exactly.13:12
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, I will fix these issues. Let's first fix the git URL issue.13:12
chbaeleon-anavi: I see now.13:13
leon-anaviCTtpollard, regarding the URL. Is it ok to amend my existing patch?13:14
CTtpollardleon-anavi: yes ofc, everything in the ci branches is ok to be forced pushed13:14
leon-anaviok, thanks for the confirmation13:15
CTtpollardand when we have gerrit, all of this will become less hassle13:15
CTtpollard(I hope)13:15
leon-anaviwell... gerrit isn't perfect too ;)13:16
CTtpollardyes, it's java13:16
leon-anavihehe :)13:16
chbaei love gerrit :)13:16
pedroalvarezyeah, a bit of infrastructure will help a lot13:18
chbaeWhat is genivi’s plan for code review tool like gerrit, github or others?13:18
chbaeI know that AGL is using gerrit.13:18
pedroalvarezBaserock project too13:19
chbaeWhat about genivi?13:19
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pedroalvarezchbae: there was some discussion about it, I think the conclusion was to give Gerrit a try, but nothing has happened so far13:21
chbaeI used gerrit, stash, and github’s pull request. I prefer to use gerrit personally.13:21
pedroalvarezyup, same opinion here13:22
chbaepedroalvarez: :) Please change to gerrit ASAP for contributors :)13:23
pedroalvarezhehe, I would have done so months ago if I could just do it13:23
chbaeif genivi change to gerrit, the branch policy can be changed efficiently.13:25
pedroalvarezwe wouldn't need an "stupid" qemu-ci branch13:26
chbaepedroalvarez: sure.13:26
pedroalvarezwe would get automatic feedback on the patches sent to gerrit with the results of the CI13:26
pedroalvarez(same thing would happen with github though)13:27
chbaepedroalvarez: yes. that’s great. So I prefer to use gerrit.13:27
toscalixchbae: is under discussion. Solution will be provided at the AMM meeting13:28
chbaetoscalix: yes. I would like to join the AMM meeting but I may not attend. :(13:29
toscalixchbae: never say never13:29
chbaetoscalix :)13:30
chbaebut someone in my company will join AMM but different issue.13:31
CTtpollardleon-anavi: so yeh, an amend on that patch is fine, or I can do it in the ci branch. If we get to merge it I'll point out that it's not built by default. At that time you might want to post instructions for people curious13:36
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CTtpollardsomeone could argue that if the recipe isn't mandatory, neither should the layer submodule either however13:59
leon-anaviCTtpollard, I will send you an amend that uses URL git://
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: cool14:16
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leon-anaviCTtpollard, sent. This time with no AGL ML in CC ;)14:20
CTtpollardand as if by magic it appears in my mail client14:23
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CTtpollardleon-anavi: pushed the amended commit15:03
amcgee7Hey,  I'm here for the GDP meeting.  Webex is not allowing me to Join.  Is that because the host has not started the meeting yet?15:03
CTtpollardamcgee7: it starts in 1 hour15:03
leon-anaviCTtpollard, thanks. Lets see if it will be ok this time15:04
CTtpollardmaybe there's been a timezone change somewhere15:04
amcgee7Yep,  Here.15:04
CTtpollardleon-anavi: well the ci should pass the build if it can bring in the submodule, because the build shouldn't be changed15:04
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toscalixchbae: can you speak in the meeting or there is a problem with your mic?16:27
chbaetoscalix: sorry. I talked with my wife and came back now.16:28
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leon-anaviis this the issue that we are discussing right now?17:05
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aeicheHi Automotive!17:21
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leon-anavihi aeiche :)17:24
aeicheHi Leon17:25
aeicheWas it you who was commenting about the HMI stuff?17:25
aeicheI wasn't able quite to follow who that was.17:26
CTtpollardit was Roland, I don't think he's in here17:26
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leon-anaviaeiche, not really. I also think it was Roland Krause from ics17:27
CTtpollardbut I agree on the hmi, I just don't have the personal time to work on it with the current deadlines17:28
leon-anaviI have to go, see you tomorrow17:29
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CTtpollardbye leon-anavi17:29
CTtpollardI need to leave also17:29
CTtpollardthanks for the input in the call17:29
leon-anavibye CTtpollard and btw toscalix thanks for inviting me to the call.17:29
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aeicheOne of our engineers has expressed interest in reworking the HMI  - but if someone's already got some work done, It'd be nice to know.17:33
aeicheerm, nice to be able to work with that.17:33
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aeicheHere's a naive question18:02
aeicheis there a way to move a Yocto build from gdp9beta  to gdp918:02
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rjekHello etherton.18:57
*** vgrade has joined #automotive18:57
radiofreehi mr etherton18:58
rjekI have poked radiofree in meatspace for you18:58
radiofreeyes i can18:58
*** jjardon has joined #automotive18:58
paulsherwoodaeiche: i fear gdp regulars are already carousing at dinner19:01
paulsherwoodaeiche: maybe email the list?19:02
aeicheProbably a good idea.19:03
aeichepaulsherwood, Dev or Projects? Both?19:06
paulsherwoodyour call :)19:08
paulsherwoodprojects is the official GDP list19:08
paulsherwooddev is a private generic list19:09
aeicheNo One's ever gotten grief for flooding mailing lists, right?19:09
paulsherwoodistm that rstreif knows more about Yocto than most, though... maybe he can answer19:09
aeicheGood idea.19:09
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obdiihi guys, i still cant make magdens m1 software work21:15
obdiiany help?21:15
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*** radiofree has joined #automotive21:21
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*** jlrmagnus has joined #automotive21:52
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jlrmagnusSorry. In a meeting.22:23
jlrmagnusobdii, What is the problem?22:24
obdiiwell, i try to run make APP=pi2/roll_demo22:24
obdiiand i get an error22:24
jlrmagnusPlease put the error in pastebin and post the link here.22:24
jlrmagnus*error message22:25
obdiithere it is22:25
*** Walkerdine__ has joined #automotive22:25
jlrmagnusGive me a few minutes. Still in a meeting22:25
obdiino problem22:26
jlrmagnusWhich linux distro / version do you use to build?22:27
obdiii can give you access to it to see my error22:41
jlrmagnusNah. Not necessary.22:41
jlrmagnusAh. That's it. Sorry you need 14.04 (32 bit version)22:42
obdiiyou sure? i dont mind, its just a virtual machine isolated22:42
*** Walkerdine__ has quit IRC22:42
obdiireally? mmmmm22:42
obdiiso i have to find an iso for that version22:42
jlrmagnusYes. It is actually stated in the file of the repo.22:42
jlrmagnusThere is one available.22:42
obdiii will download it right away22:42
obdiiwhere can i find it?22:42
jlrmagnusIt is a long term support, so at Ubuntu22:43
obdiiall right, downloading it22:44
obdiii will be ready in 20 minutes22:44
obdiijust asking ahead22:44
obdiii have to download the m1 directory22:44
obdiiand inside that one i have to put m1_core and m1_app22:44
obdiithen run make APP=pi2/roll_demo22:45
jlrmagnusm1 is the top-levle download22:45
obdiiafter that it should make a directory with the name OUT22:45
jlrmagnusYou do not need to download m1_core and m1_app manually.22:45
jlrmagnusDone by m1/Makefile22:45
obdiioh i see22:45
obdiiafther make APP=pi2/roll_demo, what shoud i do?22:45
jlrmagnus./debug_run, I believe it was.22:46
obdiiall right, and what comes after?22:46
jlrmagnusLast bit of that page.22:47
obdiii read the page, but what comes after that? should i run an executable and it should come on X as a gui?22:47
obdiiall right, i will try that,22:48
obdiithe only dependency that did not come with the command that was on the README file was autoconfig22:48
obdiii had to manually install that22:48
obdiibut i suppose that is just a demo22:49
obdiiwhat about if i want to port it to the raspberry pi 2?22:49
obdiihas anyone done that?22:49
*** mvick has quit IRC22:56
jlrmagnusI got the rolling demo up and running on rpi222:59
jlrmagnusChange the m1/Makefile to download the pi branch of m1_core and build.23:00
jlrmagnusDo everything natively on RasPi23:00
*** kooltux__ has joined #automotive23:00
*** Walkerdine__ has joined #automotive23:03
*** kooltux__ has quit IRC23:05
jlrmagnusobdii, You just need to edit to point rvi_core to the pi branch instead of master.23:08
obdiimmmm so i have to modify the m1/Makefile, and point it to the pi branch on the github repository?23:08
jlrmagnusActually, you just need to modify Version.inc23:08
obdiioh ok, so you guys think i should do it natively on the pi23:08
jlrmagnusYou have to do that, yes.23:08
jlrmagnusIt will take a while to build, but you should get the rolling demo up and running.23:09
obdiiany distro in particular? raspbian?23:09
jlrmagnusPlease note that the port was not finished, so I don't know how well it will work.23:09
obdiioh ok, i will do that as soon as i get home tonight23:09
jlrmagnusPlease feel free to send pull requests with any fixes you do.23:09
jlrmagnusIt would be appreciated.23:09
obdiiyes sir, i will do that23:11
obdiii will try it first on the ubuntu vm and then i will move to the raspberry pi23:11
*** wert has joined #automotive23:14
jlrmagnusOki. I'm online at pacific (GMT-8) office hours.23:15
jlrmagnusIn case you need help.23:16
obdiiyes sir, thank you23:17
*** Walkerdine__ has quit IRC23:19
jlrmagnus*looks in mirror. Does not see any sir*23:25
obdiihahahaha ok buddy23:39
rjekI just had to write this
rjekI don't want to live on this planet anymore23:40
obdiihey man, they say those are trials23:41
*** gmacario1 has quit IRC23:45
*** kooltux__ has joined #automotive23:46

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