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CTtpollardgood morning08:03
CTtpollardhi chbae08:12
chbaeI am still debugging and updated mesa. HMIs aren't launched because of dri.. I don't know why.08:14
CTtpollardis the vc4 driver on the rootfs?08:19
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CTtpollardthat's a good improvement then!08:27
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CTtpollardchbae: the errors from the hmi background etc are new to me08:33
chbaeCTtpollard: Yes. It may be vc4 driver problem because I got the error in ioctl. However I'm not a graphics expert. We need someone to help.08:37
chbaeCTtpollard: Also one of possibility is me to miss somethings of amirna2 changes.08:39
CTtpollardchbae: so if the weston service is not coming up ok on boot, what does the service for the launcher2 show?08:40
CTtpollardchbae: and is it possible to manually launch the older launcher08:41
chbaeCTtpollard: weston service and gdp-hmi-controller are launched.08:41
chbaeNext gdp-hmi-background, gdp-hmi-panel, gdp-hmi-launcher2 should be launched but not launched.08:41
chbaeI tried to run gdp-hmi-background manually but I got the error. You can see the errors in jira.08:42
CTtpollardchbae: I see them :)08:43
chbaeroot@raspberrypi2:~# gdb /usr/bin/gdp-hmi-background (backtrace) #0  0x761f08c0 in raise () from /lib/ #1  0x761f43a8 in abort () from /lib/ #2  0x732198ac in ?? () from /usr/lib/dri/ Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)08:43
chbaeSo I thought that is problem from mesa (mesa-megadriver)08:45
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CTtpollardchbae: the backtrace would make it look that way08:51
chbaeCTtpollard: I also may be kernel problem :)08:55
CTtpollardchbae: there's other patches for mesa used by amir in meta-ivi that could have a need maybe08:57
chbaeCTtpollard: we only need  meta-ivi/recipes-graphics/mesa/mesa_%.bbappend. It's already applied.08:59
chbaeOther patch files aren't required because it's not applied.08:59
CTtpollardchbae: but amir used a recipe for mesa_10.3.4 in that commit, that will take priority over the mesa 10.4.% in poky09:01
CTtpollardhis mesa recipe uses those patches09:01
chbaeamir uses please see meta-raspberrypi's commit.09:02
chbaeI also compiled amir's repo.09:03
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chbaeCTtpollard: I'll go home and join tonight (KST).09:09
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leon-anavihi :)09:23
Tarnyko hello09:29
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toscalixGENIVI tools team meeting in 5 min09:58
toscalixWe delayed yesrterday to today09:58
gmacariotoscalix: Hi there!09:58
CTtpollardgreat news about the qt ivi shell patches10:00
gmacarioCTpollard: Indeed10:00
toscalix== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting start ==10:00
* toscalix here10:01
gmacario**gmacario here10:01
toscalixtic tac ti tac10:01
toscalixgmacario: let's wait 3 more min?10:02
gmacarioSure! I believe jeremiah wrote he was going to attend as well10:02
toscalixThe main goals of the meeting are:10:04
toscalix* How to proceed in each main  goal established last week for Q1/Q210:04
toscalix* Code review tool: next steps.10:04
gmacarioCould you please remind me where are the established goals written?10:05
gmacarioI am now looking at
toscalixI moved them to the charter page10:05
gmacarioOK, shall we start?10:06
gmacario(I am afraid we are few today)10:06
gmacario1. go.cd10:06
toscalixgmacario: instead of going 1 by 1 now I would like to talk about the approach10:06
toscalix* Reorganize the tasks according to the new goal10:07
toscalix* Create tasks to discuss in next meeting around the established goals.10:07
toscalixI will do the first point10:07
toscalixfor the next meeting. I was thining about creating an epic per goal10:07
toscalixand link the tasks under them10:07
gmacarioI agree we should transform goals into something measurable10:07
toscalixanother approach, more flexible but also harder to maintain is through labels10:08
toscalixok, so I will do it like that10:08
toscalix* Create tasks to discuss in next meeting around the established goals.10:08
toscalixfor some goals we have several tasks already10:09
toscalixfor other we don't10:09
gmacarioFine to me, I am creating tasks for the things I plan to do anyway, would be great to refactor under the goals10:09
toscalixyes, move them is easy so the most important thing is to create the tasks10:10
toscalixI will notify when the goal is created so we can move them10:10
gmacarioI need to learn some JIRA-fu10:10
toscalixso the next meeting we go over the new tasks that might need explanation/discussion10:10
toscalixgmacario: don't learn too much.....most trackers work in a similar way :-)10:11
toscalixSo let's go for the second point of the agenda unless you want to add something10:11
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gmacarioIt's OK, let's work out on the agreed goals10:11
toscalix* Code review tool: next steps.10:11
toscalixPMO required this week from tools team a opinion about how to proceed in this topic10:12
gmacarioI want to try Gerrit but I have limited experience on it so far10:12
toscalixthere is a taska bout it10:12
toscalixlet me find it10:12
gunnarxHello, had some connection issues.  I'm in now.10:13
gmacarioI mean - try using it in reality, not just installing it10:13
gmacarioHi gunnarx10:13
gunnarxInstalling is easy (there are Dockerfiles).  Configuring is a little work.10:13
toscalixso the idea is to create a presentation as outcome where we put pros and cons of 2/3 tools10:13
toscalixgerrit, github are in. Which other option should evaluate?10:14
gmacarioI don't know, those two sounds OK to me10:14
toscalixsomebody mentioned gitlab10:14
gunnarxoh, I thought you meant gitlab.  yes both github and gitlab then.10:15
gmacarioWe have gitlab internally at Mentor but never used its code review10:15
toscalixso github, gitlab and ?10:15
gunnarxI have no others to propose.  I have found no reasons to look at more.  (Phabricator is an "everything" tool and that's not what we need, in my opinion.)10:16
toscalixagreed then10:16
gunnarxall of them can be combined with, agreed?10:16
gunnarxor what did you mean toscalix ?10:16
toscalixgmacario: since you use gitlab internally, can you take care of that?10:16
toscalixgunnarx: yes10:16
gmacarioNo we use gitlab only as repository10:16
toscalixI can do gerrit10:17
gmacarioFor us it's either github (hosted) or gerrit10:17
toscalixit is easier for me10:17
toscalixgithab or gitlab... any taker?10:18
toscalixif not, we will assign it ion the next meeting10:18
gmacarioWhat do you mean by "evaluate code review in GitHub"?10:18
gmacarioWhat do we want to compare?10:18
toscalixuse github for code review tool...which mean ... use github10:19
gmacarioI don't know how GitHub code review could work with - gunnarx?10:19
toscalixwe want to introduduce/ standarize code review practices10:19
toscalixaround a tool in GENIVI10:19
toscalixI assume10:19
toscalixgmacario: it can work10:20
gmacarioOK, good to know10:20
gunnarxgmacario, I don't know of any support but could be built.   Github exposes all pull requests as branches if you know the URL, so a build tool could pull those branches.   But it needs some programmed plugin.10:21
gunnarxbtw, I won't take any action on this b/c as I stated this week I won't start any new GENIVI project until Wiki transfer is complete!10:21
toscalixgunnarx: fair enough10:21
toscalixok, so no takers so far10:22
gunnarx... and I would request you all make that happen also10:22
toscalixAny other point to discuss?10:22
gmacarioHas anybody attended the EG_CIAT meeting at AGL?10:23
gunnarxwhen was it?10:23
gmacarioYesterday I believe10:23
toscalixI did on bwas delayed to yesterday... but I had the release so I couldn't10:23
toscalixbut I will be participating on regular basis10:24
gmacarioOK thanks10:24
toscalixI am personally interested in the topic and Codethink also :-)10:24
toscalixany other point?10:25
gmacarioNot from myself10:25
toscalixmeeting ends in10:25
toscalix==GENIVI Tools Team meeting ends ==10:25
gunnarxtoscalix, oh OK the github plugin existed already, makes sense.10:27
toscalixgerit and github exists, yes10:28
gunnarxFound a fork of the github support to support gitlab instead.   Not obvious how far they have come though.
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RzRjeremiah, if you plan to upgrade Qt and have issue w/ xdg-shell please tell me10:39
CTtpollardRzR: what version of qt5 has upstream the ivi shell patches?10:41
RzR5.7 or later ?10:43
CTtpollardquite a way off for GDP then10:43
RzRI'll try it on arch once released10:47
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chbaeCTtpollard: the error came from “vc4_bo_alloc” (buffer allocation) in dri_vc4.so11:48
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CTtpollardthere should be a fix coming to the koelsch branch of gdp today for anyone who is having to use the older commit14:56
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