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Figuremorning -28 C in Finland :)06:53
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CTtpollardfredcadete: are you launching AM7.0 with systemd?08:45
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fredcadeteCTtpollard: yes, we are08:52
fredcadeteI'm now having a look and the .service file is fairly different from what is in the current meta-ivi upstream08:55
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Tarnyko1morning folks09:06
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rjekNod :-/09:35
jeremiahFigure: Only -1 in Sweden. :P09:35
rjekStill a delightful 4°C in Manchester.09:35
jeremiahManchester, city full of hipsters I've heard. =D09:36
rjekAnd me.09:37
rjekI was hip before it was popular.09:37
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CTtpollardfredcadete: is it publicly available? gdp also uses a service different from meta-ivi10:15
fredcadeteCTtpollard: it's basically this:
fredcadetein our case we adapt it to run in a non-root systemd sesison, so we remove User=root and change WantedBy to be default.target10:25
Figurejeremiah: sounds like our mid-summer :)10:40
CTtpollardI also need to add plugins into AM7.0 before compilation, as they're extracted plugins into their own repo now11:04
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dl9pfmorning !11:29
CTtpollardso I'm managing to unpack the plugins repo into /Plugins of the working git dir of AM7.011:56
CTtpollardbut it fails during compilations, at least with the default recipe in meta-ivi11:56
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CTtpollardit's attempting to put a .debug dir into a non debug split. so package QA fails12:29
CTtpollardfredcadete: happen to know if that system is building AM7.0 with plugins enabled?12:31
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dl9pf### AGL dev call starting in 10 min ...12:50
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jbocklage3, 2, 1, GO13:00
waltminerStarting  now!13:02
dl9pf### AGL dev call starts13:03
dl9pf- attendance  and role call13:05
dl9pf### Topic :  Update to YP Jethro 2.013:05
dl9pfWe moved to YP 2.0 yesterday. Once patch ordering was resolved, everything builds.13:10
dl9pfSome follow-up patches in the queue to be merged (configuration update and additional boards - minnow and wandboard)13:10
waltminerQuestion about binary releases for i.MX6 and Minnowboard Max snapshots13:12
jeremiahShouldn't one ask the silicon providers whether they can move to YP Jetro 2.0?13:13
waltminerMinnowBoard Max should be available in tomorrow’s snapshot13:13
jeremiahThey are the ones who have to coordinate their BSP13:13
waltminerWandboard may take a few days while Jan-Simon investigates which drivers are in there13:14
waltminerjeremiah: we are only consuming upstream at this time. We will coordinate13:14
waltminerWalt will check with Demo app developers to make sure their latest patches for CES made it into Albacore13:17
dl9pf### Topic: System Architecture Team13:17
dl9pfDiscussion on SAT and Expert group restructuring.13:28
dl9pfSAT team + expert groups (security, application manager continuous integration and test)13:28
dl9pfNominations deadline Jan 2913:28
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Tarnyko1I will create an issue for bringing AM/FM Radio support back into the demo13:34
dl9pf### Topic:  Bug check in JIRA13:34
dl9pf- ltp tests need additional binaries to run. Packagegroup and image extending the demo platform proposed.13:41
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dl9pf### Discussion: Source hosting, Layer hosting - separation and ACLs13:47
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dl9pf- discussion on git repo layout, ACLs for gerrit13:48
* paulsherwood has been considering mentioning that already has a working approach for this, integrated with gerrit... but other channels are keeping him too busy to explain this properly13:49
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dl9pfUSB most driver discussion wrt backport and placing in meta-agl/ivi-common14:09
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dl9pf### Dev meeting ended14:20
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toscalixHi, it is not completely done yet because GENIVI is migrating from mediawiki to confluence but you can see already some of the info we nhave in place for GDP:
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pedroalvarezand open :)15:09
toscalixWe have still some small issue with GDP info in JIRA, but we are solving them.15:09
toscalixThe dashboard does not show u in the JIRA menu and the Kanban board is "restricted". Those issues are already reported so there will be fixed15:09
toscalixCTtpollard: jonathanmaw pedroalvarez we will have to go over the wiki landing page to make sure that all the links to relevant info are there and working15:11
toscalixwhen we release GDP-ivi9 we can introduce some changes to simplify the landing page15:11
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jlrmagnusWeekly RVI meeting at 16:30 CET / 7:30 PST if anyone is interested.15:25
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parcohey guys, anyone have access to SAE docs?18:58
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myselfbe more specific, what do you need? Can't promise an answer, but you'll be more likely to get something useful if you ask something useful19:39
parcoi need docs from SAE19:58
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KaZeRhi there22:13
KaZeRhey myself. nice to see you here22:22
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myselfKaZeR: what'cha up to?22:53
KaZeRjust discovered this channel via
KaZeRanybody here going ?22:54
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