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waltminer=== AGL Dev Meeting Starting ===13:01
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waltminerDiscussung AMB being added to AGL build13:07
waltminerProposal is to keep change 4231 in gerrit and merge in 4235 and 4233.13:08
waltminerAbandon 4135?13:10
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waltminerNed to look at merging the three changes together after the call. He has it done on his machine. Needs to be pushed to gerrit13:16
waltminerSnapshot build update13:19
waltminerJan-Simon - daily build now performed. Need to create a download mechanism13:19
waltminerManifest saved13:20
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waltminerbuild is SNAPSHOT-AGL-master13:22
nuohanThanks for your work, walt. I would like to ask about the problem when uploading JTA13:24
nuohanJan-simon seems is working on it13:24
nuohanoffline mail to jan-simon13:24
nuohanSo jan-simon is going to upload for me? I don't have a good net here, lost some words13:26
waltminerJSM says binary upload might be the problem. Recommending we upload source code and compile as a package13:27
waltminerSince it will have to be rebuilt for the user’s environment13:27
waltminerWill correspond with Nuohan offline13:28
nuohanOK, thanks for your help13:28
waltminerDemo Apps13:32
waltminerQML uploaded to gerrit13:32
waltminerTanikawa got them to run , but needed to remove dependencies on devinfo (Pelogicore package) and it ran ok13:33
waltminerin BottomBar.qml13:34
waltminerJan-Simon proposing mechanism to popul;ate the apps into the fs so user will not have to manually copy them13:34
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kooltuxStephane DESNEUX13:45
kooltuxmy mail: stephane.desneux@iot.bzh13:46
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CTtpollardI can't see any hard coded dependency between navit & qt414:52
CTtpollardin the layer source at least14:52
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jobolpaulsher1ood, that's subversion15:19
paulsher1oodjobol: yes, i'm subversive sometimes :)15:20
rjekRead-only for now.  I wonder what excitement might occur when it goes read-write and you try to commit something that git cannot represent.15:20
paulsher1oodbut rest assured, i'm totally git15:20
leon-anaviTarnyko, eezUPnP is better for UPnP tests than VLC :)15:22
leon-anaviit lists flac file no matter if there is metadata or not :)15:22
paulsher1oodjobol: in context, genivi uses EA, which only works with SVN. i'm wondering whether we could still store EA content in git at (say) github and make it work15:22
fredcadetemanfred will know better but the thing with EA is that it has bindings for SVN15:22
fredcadetepaulsher1ood: that15:22
paulsher1oodfredcadete: ack. i confess i've never used EA :)15:23
fredcadeteI have a bit, and with the SVN stuff15:23
fredcadeteand it makes me want to do my modelling on a plaintext file and commit it with git cli15:24
paulsher1oodfredcadete: plantuml :)15:24
fredcadetebut that's my personal reaction to mostly everything15:24
jobolpaulsher1ood, i also never used EA is it Elegant Application?15:24
paulsher1oodenterprise architect15:24
jobolpaulsher1ood, respect15:25
CTtpollardfredcadete: it's that good?15:25
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paulsher1oodlooks like they made it handle writes too15:27
paulsher1oodgunnarx: ^^15:27
rjekWhat happens if you commit an empty directory, an external, or a file with differing permissions? :)15:27
paulsher1oodthat's not the usecase i care about, rjek15:28
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gunnarxrjek: I like the question :)  Anyway.... github does public svn hosting, good to know I guess :-?16:25
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jeremiah So . . . svnhub?18:09
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bret is making rounds19:30
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