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CTtpollardahh gunnar is not here08:16
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leon-anavihi, I was busy with other tasks for couple of days and now I am working again on rygel and lightmediascanner12:41
leon-anavilightmediascanner is not creating its SQLite database. Could you please provide me some hints for debugging this issue?12:41
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wtfluxHi channel, does anyone know where i can obtain mitchell manager? i've got a torrent here with 13 seeds and 26 peers and i let it run all night and its still at 0% hasnt connected to nan 113:48
wtfluxhold the phone i think i found it, quite a bit of a hassle, you have to download old versions then get sequential updates to get the latest version13:57
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fredcadeteI don't know what's mitchell manager14:00
fredcadeteI guess it's good that you found it14:00
wtfluxfredcadete: mitchell manager is a quickbooks like program for automotive repair shops14:13
wtfluxmitchell also has a program called on demand which is an all data competitior14:13
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CTtpollardhmm 'QA Issue: mesa: configure was passed unrecognised options: --enable-gallium-gbm --with-llvm-shared-libs --enable-gallium-egl --disable-openvg [unknown-configure-option]' when compiling mesa from the logs14:14
fredcadeteand those options are coming from the rpi customisations?14:22
CTtpollardI believe so yes14:23
CTtpollardit still builds so it is just ignoring them, but it could be the issue14:23
wtfluxare yall writing a piece of software?14:28
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CTtpollard--with-gallium-drivers=vc4 is the main flag that should build it, and it doesn't complain about that14:29
fredcadetewtflux: yes, mostly stuff related with GENIVI and/or Automotive Grade Linux14:31
fredcadeteCTtpollard: have you gone looking in the mesa work dir?14:31
wtfluxSo is this channel actually #automotive (linux) not just a channel for automotovie people looking to discuss vehicle repair rather the linux distro?14:32
fredcadeteyou should be able to see if there source files for vc4 are indeed there and if they are being build14:32
CTtpollardfredcadete: yes, but I was getting lots of hits for vc4, and tbh I'm not 100% sure on what specifically I should be looking for14:32
fredcadeteautoconf is very hard to debug14:32
fredcadeteI would grep for the base name of your missing .so14:33
fredcadeteand see in which makefiles or configure files it is mentioned14:33
fredcadeteand why that compilation is not activated14:33
CTtpollardfredcadete: I'll give that a shot!14:34
fredcadeteif you can understand where that should be showing up in the mesa buildsystem, then your debug process can be just recompiling mesa instead of the full image :)14:37
CTtpollardfredcadete: yeh it's good I can just do that, however a lot of the qt stuff also has to rebuild, and the infamous webkit...14:38
fredcadeteyes, but you only rebuild the full image after you have seen that .so inside build/tmp/work/<something>/mesa/<somethingelse>/package14:39
CTtpollardyup :)14:41
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: I can provide build logs for Mesa build in Baserock if you want14:49
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: that might prove helpful :)14:50
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: cheers14:54
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jbocklagehi. Where can I find the meeting minutes of this Tuesday's AGL Layer Design/Committers Meeting?15:40
paulsher1oodnot on the wiki afaict15:41
jbocklageah, OK. I was looking through the wiki...15:46
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aeicheGood morning!17:00
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aeicheJust want to make sure I'm not missing anything here, are there submission guidelines for Code anywhere on the Wiki?17:00
paulsher1oodaeiche: to which project?17:02
aeicheCES2016 repo17:03
aeicheIt's an initial commit17:04
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paulsher1oodi assume via gerrit?17:05
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Tarnykovery interesting day at LibreCon 2015 Spain, unfortunately I will not be able to stay tomorrow when GENIVI's Robert Zombi gives a talk (
Tarnykoleon-anavi: answered you for lightmediascanner17:21
leon-anaviTarnyko glad that you have enjoyed LibreCon. Thank you for the prompt feedback.17:22
leon-anaviTarnyko unfortunately I received a priority task on which I have to focus so I most probably will get back to LMS next week.17:22
Tarnykoleon-anavi yw. Lucky you that I just sit down for a coffee with my laptop :)17:22
Tarnykoleon-anavi: np, the same happens to me every time17:23
leon-anavithe most interesting tasks are always with a lower priority, aren't they? :)17:24
leon-anaviI guess it is part of murphy's law :)17:24
Tarnykoyeah, think we identified a pattern17:25
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aeicheHey everyone, I've got a commit in for the CES demonstrator.18:47
aeicheas it's an initial commit, I'm not really sure who to tag for review.18:48
aeicheor should I just tag everyone?18:48
aeicheor - Walt took care of it :)18:49
waltmineraaron should there be a license notice in the code?18:50
aeicheProbably - let me consult Paul W.18:51
aeicheMPL v218:52
aeicheI'll get started on that.18:52
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Tarnykonice ! looks very different from before, it is really a QML application now19:06
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waltmineris kooltux around?19:44
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