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jeremiahradiofree: One of the reasons for connman is that it is very Lennartix-centric. :-)10:01
jeremiahIt is developed and maintained, at least to some degree, by Daniel Wagner from BMW Car IT.10:01
jeremiahIt fits in well with the kernel-centric development approach Daniel and Lennart take and with the GNOME-ish apprach that is systemd, etc.10:02
jeremiahI think it actually fits pretty well with an embedded system and nm is a bit weird in that regard, but nm is weird in a way that everyone knows10:03
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radiofreejeremiah: thanks for the answer10:39
radiofreei also just remembered that nm has a dependency on a gplv3 readline (for nmtui i think)...10:40
rjeknmtui is optional though, isn't it?10:44
rjekAlso, there's fakelike which is ABI-compatible with readline except does nothing but read()10:44
jeremiahradiofree: GPLv3 is a great license. :-010:44
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