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* paulsherwood finds gbo struggling again08:45
* paulsherwood wonders what has changed08:46
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ironfootI'm going to start collecting some information about this cvsps problem09:57
ironfootafaik, nothing has changed, but I couldn't really tell given the size of the snowflake09:57
paulsherwoodironfoot: based on what we know now, is there a sensible alternative solution for GBO?09:59
paulsherwoodgtristan: ^^^09:59
ironfootsome of the problems with g.b.o come from the conversion from VCS to git. This might not be a big problem nowadays, but the thing is that we are not looking for updates of the software we use for mirroring/lorrying10:04
ironfootan alternative, ignoring the conversion to git, would be to create a mirroring system to keep everything in the same VCS it came from10:05
ironfootbut that might add some complexity to the system (i don't know, given that I've never worked with those tools)10:05
ironfoota short term solution for the cvsps problem would be to check what CVS repos we have and see if we can do something else10:06
gtristanironfoot, umm... related ongoing conversation here:
gtristanpointing to middle of thread where I think more interesting reading starts.10:17
ironfootthose are implementation details for a "re-implementation" of "g.b.o" with the idea of keeping everything on its original VCS, correct?10:29
paulsherwoodme is disappointed... the vcs war was already over by the time I joined codethink :)11:02
ironfootand most of the world has moved to git since then, but from what I can see in buildstream, this is still not the case for all the source code of the systems they are aiming to support11:09
tiagogomesEven M$!11:18
paulsherwoodgtristan: which projectds specifically are not all git?11:25
gtristanEh ?12:20
gtristanI dont understand12:20
gtristanWhich projects dont use git...12:20
gtristanThis is a very broad question, rather a better question is; who am I to tell the whole planet to just use git ?12:21
gtristanWebKit is svn12:21
gtristanfor a random example12:21
ironfootindeed, and from the PoV of buildstream, is better to support mirroring to the same VCS, rather than converting to git12:25
gtristanEeek, yeah one definition of how to build something does not change a tarball into an svn, or a git into a bzr; that would be error prone12:27
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