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jjardoncan please someone review this:
jjardonmmm, any idea why there is no "Submit" button there ?11:19
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jjardonpedroalvarez: ^?11:34
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pedroalvarezjjardon: I made gerrit read only?12:09
pedroalvarezlorries go through gitlab atm12:09
jjardonah, cool12:10
pedroalvarezi didn't expect anybody using gerrit tbh12:10
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i think none of us expected the gitlabocalypse12:26
pedroalvarezheh nope12:28
pedroalvarezI don't think it would be easy to have gitlab and gerrit working at the same time though12:28
paulsherwoodno, agreed12:29
pedroalvarezI didn't even think about it12:29
pedroalvarezthis brings up the question: should we host it?12:29
paulsherwoodhost gitlab?12:29
paulsherwoodgood question12:30
pedroalvarezeven hosting it we are going to have some downtime12:30
pedroalvarezbut we might be able to control when12:30
paulsherwoodi was wondering if we'd be better with <> mirrors for repos, with everything 'backed up' to gbo, and just accept that workflow can be disrupted... fallback to patches on ml? :)12:31
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pedroalvarezsounds a bit tricky12:36
* gtristan noticed gitlab down for the second time today but this time it's taking all day yeah :-S12:36
paulsherwoodgtristan: they're having a difficult day12:38
gtristan68% done with database copy 40min ago... 60% 2 hours ago12:39
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benbrown_is the order of chunks in a statum supposed to matter?  ybd appears to error if you build depend on a chunk that's later in the file12:56
paulsherwoodit's not supposed to matter, no.13:00
gtristanafair, ybd will bail out when referring to a dependency listed later in the same stratum13:02
paulsherwoodi'm wrong, then :)13:05
paulsherwoodi guess there's some logic to it13:05
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jjardonI will be happy to host our own gitlab if we have the resources (money+people)13:25
SotKwin 3913:30
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pedroalvarezhas anyone seen this recently using ybd?
pedroalvarez(i'm actually using latest ybd in github, given that gitlab is not up atm)17:09
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i'll push the latest to github if that's ok, could you retry?17:10
pedroalvarezplease :)17:11
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: done17:13
pedroalvarezwow, this staging area is odd17:13
* pedroalvarez upgrades17:13
pedroalvarezI am confused now:
pedroalvarezI wonder if i can't use it inside of my old full crap baserock vm17:19
pedroalvarezdependencies needed, trying again17:24
pedroalvarezI don't get it.17:25
pedroalvarezSo in the cache-keys lists i can see some things missing (without the x in the [ ]), and it's  trying to build the system anyway without building those17:25
pedroalvarezlog for what I've just said:
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pedroalvarezright, looks like these thinigs are just needed to build other things which are already built17:34
paulsherwoodi think that's correct behaviour... doesn't need build essential or libraries if they're not present in the final system17:35
paulsherwoodi'm guessing you managed to get past the 'cannot be directly executed' problem?17:37
pedroalvarezyep, it looks like I have a system artifact now17:40
paulsherwoodw00t! :)17:41
* pedroalvarez is investigating if it will be possible to release Genivi Baseline17:42
pedroalvarezoh, it has downloaded the missing artifacts at deploy time17:42
pedroalvarezI wonder why that is needed17:42
pedroalvareznah, false alarm, I'm being an idiot17:43
pedroalvarezI just tried to deploy GDP after building the baseline17:44
pedroalvarezright, strip-gplv3 configuration extension fails, because it relies on a given metadata format17:45
paulsherwoodi think i was going to re-work that, then forgot :/17:59
jjardonpedroalvarez: how the push from to g.b.o/lorries work?18:00
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jjardonpaulsherwood: when you have a minute, can I have your thoughs about and the related MR ?18:30
jjardonbasically I wonder if we should run the full pipeline in master as well, as a post commit check18:31
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