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jjardonpaulsherwood can you review ? I created to solve the same issue using virtual environment, but I think I prefer the former for now as it doest require changes in the CI09:27
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paulsherwoodso i've been able to confirm that both 16.42 and master ybd successfully build last tag (GENIVI-M1.0) definitions ci.morph10:10
paulsherwoodbut neither of them builds *currrent* ci.morph for me10:10
jjardonMmm, strange; it build fine in the CI with latest ybd and latest definitions:
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jonathanmawI'm looking at whether I can adapt definitions' system-integration commands into RPM's %post (post-install) commands, and that has led me to a question on how system-integration commands work10:43
jonathanmawAll of them I've seen have a subsection "<chunkname>-misc". Does this mean the result of running the system-integration command gets added to the -misc product10:44
jonathanmawor is it that those commands are only run if the -misc chunk is installed?10:44
ssam2the former10:44
ssam2i believe...10:45
pedroalvarezssam2: hm.. I believe it was the former for Morph10:45
pedroalvarezand also the latter for Morph10:45
pedroalvarezOnly the latter for ybd10:45
pedroalvarez(they are run at system construction time, and not included in any -misc product10:46
paulsherwoodtrying to reestablish ybd in vagrant (it used to work) i'm now getting
jonathanmawok. I'm wondering whether they can be generalized to being instructions that should be run when a package is installed onto a running system.10:47
paulsherwoodany ideas on this error, or the one i'm seeing on AWS?10:47
* paulsherwood wonders if gitlab-ci could be made to use Vagrant10:49
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I'm failing to see errors in that log. Could it be the case of not-enough-ram?10:50
paulsherwoodah! yes, thanks!10:51
persiapaulsherwood: Yes, but why?  I imagine `git pull foo; vagrant up` in before_script, and then tests run against the vagrant machine later as an implementation.10:51
pedroalvarezvagrant in gitlab-ci runners will depend on the configuration of the runners, I'd say10:52
pedroalvarezif gitlab-ci always run inside docker containers (i don't know this) then it might have an extra level of complexity10:53
paulsherwoodpersia: why? because one of the routes to running ybd is vagrant, and we're not currently checking that it continues to work10:54
persiaIndeed.  I generally thought of vagrant builds as deployment, but validation of CD should have been an obvious next step.10:56
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: btw, it is possible (iirc) to specify the ram and cpus in the Vagrantfile10:57
pedroalvarezmay help future users10:57
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: yup. i wonder what would be a sensible default, these days, for memory and cores in the Vagrantfile10:59
pedroalvarezI'm debating between 2 and 4. I'd say though, that enabling some swap by default with help some corner cases like building webkit11:05
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jjardonpaulsherwood: I know nothing about vagrant, but I will take a look11:20
paulsherwoodjjardon: maybe it's not worth your time... at least it's working now11:20
paulsherwood(and thanks to pedroalvarez for spotting the issue)11:21
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paulsherwoodright, on vagrant, master builds past the errors i saw in
paulsherwoodwhich makes me think there's still something wrong with my aws config17:27
paulsherwoodjjardon: so from the above, i reckon i'm back to having some confidence in current ybd, willing to tag a release soon17:28
paulsherwoodis there any functionality you'd particularly like to see landed before we tag?17:29
* paulsherwood proposes to stick with the yy.ww naming scheme17:29
jjardonpaulsherwood: cool, all ci.morph was build from scratch succesfully: (the error is because we are still using python:2.7-slim image by default, so unrelated)17:33
jjardonactually, lets fix that now17:33
paulsherwoodjjardon: i propose we bump artifact-version to 7 (fixing - will send a patch for ybd.conf, including documentation17:35
paulsherwood*however*... will need to clear some old artifacts from our cache-server17:35
* paulsherwood notes it's served 400k downloads uninterrupted17:36
jjardonpaulsherwood: yup17:37
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