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locallycompactSome of these
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locallycompactThere's a helpful button on gitlab repositories that says "Delete merged branches". Can I click it on definitions?11:52
locallycompact"Delete all branches that are merged to master"11:52
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pedroalvarezthere are a lot of branches indeed14:08
pedroalvarezwe could make a tree with them14:09
locallycompact+1 for click the button14:10
locallycompactSo all that needs to go in a metafile for a chunk tar is cache, ref and repo?15:02
locallycompactand the only thing for strata is the chunk metas and the strata metas15:02
locallycompactand then for the system...what?15:03
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pedroalvarezerm.. i think the needs for that are not defined anyway?16:07
pedroalvarezyou can say that you don't need any of that16:07
pedroalvarezin morph we used to put a lot on information in order to be able to reconstruct the definitions from a built system16:08
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