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jjardonHi, does ybd supports shallow cloning of the git repos?08:21
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paulsherwoodjjardon: i implemented a version that did, but there were side-effects so i abandoned it08:39
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jjardonNice, thanks; problem is that we are generating a pristine OS every time we want to build the system and the repos need to be downloaded every single time; I think an option for ybd to use shallow clones would save a lot of time08:54
rjekDidn't morph have a thing where it could download tarballs of the git repositories which is quite a bit faster?  Or did I dream that?08:55
pedroalvarezFaster than cloning the entire repo, but slower than a shallow clone iirc08:57
rjekThat isn't surprising08:57
rjekBut, less chance for unexpected side effects?08:58
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paulsherwoodrjek: ybd uses the same trick08:59
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paulsherwood(if it's talking to a trove, and such a tarball exists)09:00
rjekThe tarballs need generating manually (or at least triggered manually) during a "release" there, I thought09:00
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* paulsherwood can't remember what the side-effects *were* though... maybe should try again09:05
jjardonThat would be great I think; faster and no need for a special thing in the git server to make it work09:09
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locallycompactWhat do we want the order of operation to be here and how much do we care works before merge.
locallycompactargh pep812:40
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