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locallycompactwhen the artifact split is done in a stratum like build-essential-minimal, then that ends up in the final system11:02
locallycompactbut what are the DEFAULT stratum splits for? nothing specifies to use them11:02
locallycompacthas this ever done anything?11:03
paulsherwoodi was attempting to allow situation where user specifies [minimal-] or [runtime-] as default, rather than having to go into systems and define specific artifacts there11:04
paulsherwoods/as default/as global default in their .conf/11:04
locallycompactthis feels wrong11:05
paulsherwoodit is wrong11:05
paulsherwoodsplitting only really makes sense for systems... so it should not involve any prep during chunk/stratum creation11:06
locallycompactSo atm I have turned splitting off in V10 and then run build minimal it goes away and builds and makes a full fat tarball and puts it away in the cache, while omitting build-mode: bootstrap chunks and include-mode: build-time assembs11:08
locallycompactSo we have that thing that could be split11:08
locallycompactWhat decides that11:08
locallycompactor is it better to just have two systems one for runtime and one for debug11:08
locallycompactor maybe just have something that has nothing to do with this tool whose job it is to only split filesystem tarballs against some regex rules11:10
SotKwhat is wrong with caching the split artifacts themselves rather than one massive unsplit artifact?11:11
paulsherwoodSotK: in my world view a chunk contains everything, and splitting creates a subset of it. this seems more logical than having a chunk as 5 artifacts11:12
paulsherwood(and allows custom splitting, after builds have happened)11:13
locallycompactbuild :: (Repo, Ref, Instructions) -> Artifact11:13
locallycompactsplit :: Artifact -> List<Artifact>11:13
locallycompactactually that's too oversimplified11:14
* paulsherwood was thinking the same11:15
locallycompactsplit is more like, split :: Artifact -> Rules -> List<Artifact>11:17
locallycompactbut if those never actually exist then it's more just like a strip against a system11:18
locallycompactmaybe we could just add a mask: or filter: or strip: field to assemblages in a contents11:20
locallycompactwith a list of regexes11:20
locallycompactand not have the full dictionary of -bins, -libs11:20
locallycompactwhy do they need labels11:20
locallycompactjust filter: [regexes]11:21
locallycompactso production-x86_64 has one element in its contents which is debug-system-x86-64 with an additional filter/strip11:21
locallycompactthen it stores in the cache as what it is when it gets deploy11:21
paulsherwoodsadly, i don't fully understand the requirements. my goto expert would be radiofree11:25
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jmacsHi all! Was a mustard document ever made for the Baserock GENIVI baseline?14:24
paulsherwoodyes, it was, and we hosted it for genivi members to review. the content technically should not be exposed to the wild internet (would need a password)14:30
jmacsAh, I see14:31
* pedroalvarez finds baserock mustard14:37
pedroalvareznot GENIVI, just Baserock14:38
jmacspedroalvarez: Where's that?14:38
pedroalvarezit wasn't open either14:38
jmacsThe *baserock* mustard isn't open source?14:39
pedroalvarezvery long time ago14:39
* paulsherwood is happy for it to be opened... but can't vouch for the quality of any of its content14:43
pedroalvarezI'd see its contents first :P14:43
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tiagogomesoh, it ws the description of artifact splitting. This was documented after all14:49
paulsherwoodinteresting. maybe if we'd published it, we'd not have forgotten about it! :)14:50
pedroalvarezis it something that we are interested on having?
paulsherwoodi would say so... particularly if we could update the mustard content via gitlab workflow14:58
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* JPohlman1 remembers creating a GENIVI baseline mustard in... 2013? ;)16:54
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JPohlmannI'm on my way to Manchester btw, meeting with Stephen around 8.30 if anyone fancies joining us16:55
jmacsAh, I was wondering when you were landing! Great!16:56
JPohlmann7.20 local time according to the schedule16:57
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