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pedroalvarezjjardon: can you please give me super cow powers in gitlab?13:27
pedroalvarezI'm trying to configure mirroring back to the trove13:27
pedroalvarezmaybe someone else can?13:27
pedroalvarezother people with the role "master" are paulsherwood and locallycompact13:28
pedroalvarezI just need to be able to access
locallycompactlet me see13:29
locallycompactnot sure I can change permissions13:31
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: it should be in this page:
locallycompactyeah I am forbidden13:32
pedroalvarezright, this bus factor is bad13:33
locallycompactI can add you to the project individually13:33
locallycompactI think I just did it13:33
pedroalvarezoh yes, thanks!13:33
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: can you please add me to infrastructure too? please?13:34
locallycompactshould be13:36
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: tvm :)13:37
pedroalvarezmeh, mirroring is not working at all, and there is no way of debugging this it seems13:59
locallycompactwhat are you trying to make happen14:07
locallycompactfrom trove -> gitlab?14:08
pedroalvarezother way around14:08
pedroalvareznow that gitlab is the canonical place, gitlab should update trove14:08
pedroalvarezit's possible without doing a lorry, so I tried to set that up14:09
tiagogomesWhy complicating and not using a lorry file? It is odd that one repo would become special in the way that it is updated14:11
pedroalvarezthey were already special14:12
pedroalvarezis what gerrit was doing14:12
locallycompactah yeah14:12
pedroalvarezplus, I don't like the idea of having them in delta/14:12
tiagogomesWhat is special about them besides the prefix? I don't mind them in delta. The only problem is that they would have to be present in delta and baserock14:13
pedroalvareztiagogomes: one very special case: local-config/lorries.git14:16
pedroalvarezwe will have to change trove to read the lorries from there, for example14:17
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jjardonpedroalvarez pushing from gitlab to trove is pretty easy if you have user and password to push to the trove; what have you tried?15:30
pedroalvarezI've tried that15:30
pedroalvarezagree with "it's pretty easy"15:31
pedroalvarezbut it didnt work15:31
jjardonSo you have enabled user and pass in the trove? I think you said that was disabled ?15:31
pedroalvarezI said that i thought it was disabled, that we needed to check15:32
pedroalvarezit's enabled, and I've done the configuration needed in ansible to create an user for gitlab via https15:33
pedroalvarezbut, it doesn't seem to work15:33
pedroalvarezasked in #gitlab, but no help there15:33
jjardonWhere are you trying to push? New repo under delta/ ? If that the case I think the easier thing is to create a lorry ; definitions doesn't belong to the baserock/ namespace anymore anyway15:44
pedroalvarezI'm trying to push baserock/baserock/definitions15:47
pedroalvarezwe will want to push to baserock/local-config/lorries.git  at least15:48
pedroalvarezbut I'm happy to abandon this. but I seem to remember that people preferred baserock/ namespace, even you15:48
pedroalvarezoh, error output:16:08
pedroalvarezThe following branches have diverged from their local counterparts: baserock/pedroalvarez/bluez-upgrade, baserock/pedroalvarez/gcc6, baserock/pedroalvarez/genivi-m-0.1, baserock/pedroalvarez/genivi-m-0.2, baserock/tristan/wip/aboriginal, jjardon/libdrm, and sam/easy-templating16:08
pedroalvarezwill check those branches16:08
jjardonNo, I prefer delta/ for definitions now that the canonical source it's not in g.b.o16:10
pedroalvarezwho decided that?16:15
pedroalvarez.. anyway16:15
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: afaik there was no pushback to jjardon's recommendation to start using gitlab... delta/ is a logical implication of that i think16:17
pedroalvarezit's is not..?16:18
pedroalvarezit's possible to push back to the original location of the repositories16:18
pedroalvarezhow do we submit lorries?16:18
paulsherwoodignoring your lorries question for a moment...16:20
paulsherwoodthe original location (baserock/baserock/) made a kind of sense at the time, but it does conflate workflow with mirroring16:20
pedroalvarezright, i will stop doing this t hen16:20
paulsherwoodothers have suggested that it would be more logical (and safer) for troves to just be mirrors16:21
pedroalvarezi haven't seen these suggestions16:22
pedroalvarezjust seen that people seemed to like more to keep them in baserock/ namespace16:22
pedroalvarezin the mailing list16:22
paulsherwoodi don't have an answer to your 'how do we submit lorries?' question16:25
pedroalvarezanyway, we might both be right here, it's possible to configure lorries to use another prefix that is not delta16:25
pedroalvarez(I believe)16:25
pedroalvareznote that I'm just trying to finish with the move-to-gitlab. As it is right now, all is a bit messy16:32
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jjardonHey pedroalvarez ; about the transition to gitlab; as I said in the email to the mailing list, we could not configure the push to g.b.o because we do not know the credentials; can you please create a lorry to put definitions in delta/ as I think is what more people prefer? (I also think it makes more sense now that definitions is in another location) I will20:25
jjardondo it myself as soon as I can if you are busy with other stuff20:25
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* locallycompact enjoys builds without chunk splitting22:49
* paulsherwood enjoyed that also, before splitting was introduced22:51
paulsherwood(in ybd)22:51
pedroalvarezjjardon: as I said before, I've already configured the trove to create these credentials. This solves the case of "how to submit lorries via gitlab" too23:40
pedroalvarezalso, lorries can be configured to lorry in other namespaces, not delta23:40
pedroalvarezbut whatever23:40

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