IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2016-11-17

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* paulsherwood wonders why people don't like gitlab email notifications about mr - isn't this equivalent to patch series on the mailing list?08:47
SotKdo the emails contain the actual patch or are they just "$person made a MR, click here to see it"?08:48
SotKI'd guess that is the difference that makes it annoying08:49
SotK(if the former is the case then I would also be somewhat confused, and would probably retract my "I'm even gladder I don't have a gitlab account")08:50
paulsherwoodthe emails are of the 'click here' variety08:54
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: the annoying bit was that I was receiving notifications for everything going on in there even if I was not participating10:38
pedroalvarezbut it seems it was some sort of project configuration, that was making everyone in the group (?) a reviewer automatically10:39
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tiagogomesIf gitlab notifications are the same as gerrit, they are very intrusive.11:00
tiagogomesBut I would like to see IRC notifications11:00
jjardontiagogomes: whose will not be intrusive? :)11:22
jjardontiagogomes: if you want to help setting up a bot to get them, take a look here:
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paulsherwood(mentions baserock project)15:57
rjek"OS-building platform" is probably the best short description I've heard15:58
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