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jjardonpaulsherwood: there are problems building systems if the build-essential stratum is not first in the system morphology file: Should I file a bug report?13:07
jjardon(this is after the usr/ merge patches)13:08
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paulsherwoodjjardon: please do13:15
anahuelamojjardon, have you pushed the patches already?13:16
jjardonanahuelamo: nope13:19
anahuelamodo you want me to do it or do you want to do it? I see that you're trying the same as me13:20
jjardonanahuelamo: we can not do it until we know why the order in the morphology system file matters13:26
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paulsherwood'all - gbo was down for ~33 minutes twice in the last 5 hours' ???13:45
rjek?  Where was that?13:46
paulsherwoodis that true?13:46
paulsherwoodin a customer channel13:46
rjekI've not heard anyone else say that.  But also I don't think we have any monitoring that might be able to confirm it13:47
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: the lack of yellow here says that it isn't true:
pedroalvarezwell.. hang on13:50
pedroalvarez(that server is on the same network as gbo)13:50
pedroalvarezI've looked at an internal server I have here. no errors13:51
jjardonpaulsherwood: filled as
jjardonanahuelamo: ^13:52
rjekpedroalvarez: seems down right now13:58
rjekI can ping the external IP, but no connection via HTTP13:58
* pedroalvarez puts his firefighter clothes on14:00
pedroalvarezgit also works14:00
* pedroalvarez `killall cvsps`s 14:01
pedroalvarezi've raised that issue in the past. some cvsps processes seem to hang and consume cpu14:02
rjekIs it possible to run lorry on a different machine from the one serving git?14:03
pedroalvarezit is14:03
rjekCan we do that? :)14:03
pedroalvarezwe can14:03
pedroalvareznext question: "are we going to do that?"14:04
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jjardonanahuelamo: I've opened MR ;  can you review/add improvements to that branch, please?14:15
jjardonthere is also another MR for the ostree work here:14:20
pedroalvarezwhy am I a participant in that merge request?14:22
* pedroalvarez is receiving many emails14:22
jjardonpedroalvarez: because you are part of the baserock group in gitlab14:26
pedroalvarezi'm by default participating in all of the things that happen in that group?14:33
* rjek quietly closes gitlab account14:33
pedroalvarezi configured the notifications to only get from them from projects things I'm participating14:34
SotKand you still get notifications?14:34
pedroalvarezwhich seems semsible. Once I comment, or someone mentions me, or I uploaded the patch14:34
pedroalvarezSotK: the thing is that I'm on a list of "participants" without doing anything on it14:35
anahuelamojjardon, sure, I'll review it in a moment14:36
* SotK becomes even gladder he doesn't have a gitlab account14:37
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pedroalvarezsieve to the rescue14:40
pedroalvarezvery annoying though, it will make me  ignore every email14:41
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jjardonpedroalvarez: baserock group was set as reviewer of merge requests in ybd and definitions: I have removed that now15:12
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jjardonpaulsherwood: I think is ready now20:33
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