IRC logs for #baserock for Tuesday, 2016-11-08

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jjardonpedroalvarez: hi, any other comments about the gitlab topic?11:09
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paulsherwoodjjardon: i have one... gitlab is down11:36
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gtristanjjardon, did you notice my comment on: ??13:07
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gtristanis your runner actually running the *branch* ?13:07
gtristanor just that commit ?13:07
gtristanbecause the branch does not make reference to openstack anymore13:08
jjardongtristan: branch13:09
gtristanjjardon, It has to be wrong13:14
gtristanjjardon, I dont believe your runner13:14
* gtristan rechecks the branch in gerrit13:14
gtristanjjardon, this commit, on that branch, should have fixed it no ?13:16
jjardongtristan: doesnt matter you dont build openstack: if the stratum reference is not correct the build will fail13:17
* gtristan fetches the build log again13:18
gtristanjjardon, it's also removed from ci.morph, though13:18
jjardongtristan: btw, your merge request is now here:
jjardongtristan: I do not use ci.morph at all in the runner13:19
gtristanthat's the only place I found that thing referenced13:19
gtristanoh, ok... now I know, it's not the system anymore13:20
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gtristanok I see I made the mistake of deprecating openstack-clients.morph13:21
gtristanit's not unmaintained, it's part of the devel systems13:21
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gtristanjjardon, I pushed a new branch with a fix for that13:28
jjardongtristan: we have moved to ;  dont worry I will move your merge request there :)13:35
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gtristanoh :-/13:45
jjardongtristan: don't worry; the move just happened now. We will need some time to adjust13:46
jjardongtristan: still failing:
toscalix_in I am toscalix. Can you invite me? toscalix@gmail.com14:01
jjardontoscalix_: to what project? (you should be able to request access from the UI as well)14:03
jjardontoscalix_: Ive added you to the group14:04
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leemingis there a way to get the CI runners to NOT run as root/sudo?17:28
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jjardonleeming: probably, what do you want to do?18:14
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