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paulsher1oodpedroalvarez: i must have missed something. are you saying that patch broke something? i thought it was only adding new scripts09:14
pedroalvarezthere is a review in t he patch that says that this would happen09:17
pedroalvarezand it has happened:
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paulsher1oodshall we revert?09:24
* SotK thinks someone should just send a patch to fix the script to not fail when things are unset09:26
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tiagogomes_One way of Baserock ♥ GNOME, would be to depend on ostree to do the atomic upgrades and rollbacks. This way we could get rid of some some code, including the system-version-manager, /etc-sync and the special btrfs filesystem layout. We would also not depend on btrfs anymore.16:44
tiagogomes_ostree could be improved to leverage the brtfs features if that's the underlying system16:45
pedroalvarezbaserock-system-config-sync would be needed16:45
pedroalvarezso, you have a system, you modify  /etc, you upgrade it, and your configuration gone?16:46
tiagogomes_why couldn't we use the 3-way merge that ostree does?16:47
pedroalvarezdidn't know that exsists16:47
tiagogomes_it does, or at least is what the documentation states :)16:48
pedroalvarezwhat would replace system-version-manager?16:49
pedroalvarezI understand how ostree works, but I don't understand how it's bein used in (forexample) atomic16:50
pedroalvarezis there a repo somewhere in the filesystem? or is the filesystem itself an ostree repo16:50
tiagogomes_Both. There is a repo in the filesystem with several different commits (1 commit = 1 filesystem tree). '/' when the system boots is a chroot in a checkout of some commit in that repo.16:54
tiagogomes_system-version-manager == ostree admin switch16:55
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SotKthat'll need to solve the issues which blocked the ostree artifact cache work I imagine18:08
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