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jjardongtristan: WIP for the "usr merge"
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jjardongtristan: I do not remember what was the problem las time I tried it; Ive just fire up this pipeline to see where the current branch fails:
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jjardonHi, Im getting problem in the gitlab ci because seems there are some connection problems with g.b.o: Is anyone aware with any problems with our trove?12:22
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pedroalvarezjjardon:  when I try to open it says (something went wrong on our end)13:37
jjardonpedroalvarez: mmm, it works fine here. Maybe a permissions misconfiguration? anything else with the same problem?13:38
pedroalvarezI can see git clone failures here:
pedroalvarezis that what you are talking about?13:39
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes13:40
jjardon(the problem can be in side, only wanted to check if we are aware of any problem with g.b.o)13:41
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pedroalvareznope, not aware, nobody has complained about that recently13:42
* SotK didn't have any issues when running builds with no cache over the weekend13:43
pedroalvarezregarding the "something went wrong on our end", same thing  happens for the pending builds13:43
pedroalvarezeverything else is fine13:43
pedroalvarez(i opened a pending builld thinking that it was a failed build)13:43
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locallycompactThis gitlab dot com is not pleasant to use14:52
locallycompactwaiting forever14:52
locallycompactfor ci14:52
locallycompactto happen14:52
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jjardonlocallycompact: agree, I have pinged paulsher1ood about that14:57
pedroalvarezjust create your own workers?14:59
locallycompactI would like a machine for that15:04
pedroalvarezI have no idea about how that works with gitlab15:05
pedroalvarezbut you might be able to use some hardware in your network and not an expensive cloud for that15:06
locallycompactYou run the prompt in a shell15:06
locallycompactPut in a special url and a token15:06
locallycompactand it will keep watch for jobs15:06
locallycompactyes that's the plan I think15:07
leemingoh, are we getting runners to work with the public instance now?15:15
pedroalvarezI have no idea :)15:19
paulsher1oodhopefully yes15:28
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leemingis stuff like /dev/null and /dev/zero setup in some definitions build commands, or via ybd?16:24
leemingi get errors when building busybox16:25
leeming"/bin/sh: can't create /dev/null: Permission denied" , but looking at the tmp folder aftwards, it looks like it exists16:26
leemingbut isn't writeable16:26
paulsher1oodsome definitions create devices16:27
leemingjust wondering why i get an error, even when running as root16:28
leemingalthough, this would be inside the sandbox16:28
leemingso that should not matter, right?16:28
leemingthe env set, should set the user that runs make as 'tomjon' right?16:29
paulsher1oodthat's a carry over from liw a long time ago, but yes16:30
paulsher1oodybd sets that variable16:30
leemingyes, i am just tryig to figure out what/where to debug this16:31
leemingthis is trying with bubblewrap btw16:31
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leemingI fixed a few issues with correct ordering of mounts16:31
leemingalthough the permissions are set to 644,instead of what i have locally of 666 (and a few places on the internet suggest it should be 666 also)16:39
leeminginteresting, both build-essential/fhs-dirs.morph and /stage2-fhs-dirs.morph state 666 to be the permission, but clearly that isn't happening16:46
leemingalso, maybe a blocker for non root builds (or explain to me), /dev/console etc have uid set to 0:root, how to create these with a non root build?16:54
leemingfragment from definitions :
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pedroalvarezso, it seems that what richard said here was true:
pedroalvarezand the deploymets are now broken... :)21:25
SotKonly seems to be the minimal system in my checkout of definitions21:48

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