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gtristanIs there any reason not to make arch agnostic bsp strata ?09:14
cphangpedroalvarez: Upgrade now works, thanks very much again for all your help :)09:15
gtristanafter having built a specific x86_32 strata, and am about to try to build the x86_64 equivalent, I wonder what is the point of copy pasting/duplicating everything when I could just case the MORPH_ARCH and reduce the amount of produced strata09:16
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pedroalvarezgtristan: so that the same chunk builds for every arch?09:17
pedroalvarezfrom what you said I take that you have a new stratum that depends on the bsp?09:18
gtristanpedroalvarez, it probably wont build for *every* arch, but I'm quite sure for 32/64bit intel it's almost exactly the same instructions09:18
pedroalvarezI believe that jjardon tried that move in the past.09:19
gtristanI might create something like bsp-x86-foo.morph09:19
gtristanand have that one support both x86_64 and x86_3209:19
* gtristan can imagine that if we wanted to run this system on arm, the bsp might differ significantly enough to create separate strata09:20
pedroalvarezgtristan: here
gtristanlooks like a generally good move09:21
* gtristan will adjust his branch to take that approach09:22
pedroalvarezwill you send that as a patch?09:22
pedroalvarezIs there anyone opposed to this change? (merge x86 bsp's)09:24
gtristanpedroalvarez, I'll leave the existing gerrit in place and wont touch baserock09:32
gtristanlooks like jjardon got a long way with that already09:32
pedroalvarezbut that is stalled09:33
pedroalvarezneeds rebasing09:33
pedroalvareznot touching it even with a stick?09:33
gtristanRight now I'm trying to take a better approach with a different project09:33
gtristanmaybe some things we do in that project will be worth adopting in the baserock project09:34
gtristanpedroalvarez, to be honest, baserock carries so much dead weight at this point that it's intimidating to get into proposing changes :-S09:35
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pedroalvarezgtristan: I understand, though09:36
gtristanpedroalvarez, one of the first things I did for instance in my own work flow... is git rm -rf strata/* ... wipe brow... breathe easy... all that deadcode gone, now I can work09:36
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locallycompactcan I just write arbitrary python in scripts?12:13
locallycompactI want to preprocess some specific files and then install them processed12:13
franredlocallycompact, I think so, why you don't use what openstack uses for that?12:14
locallycompactwhat does openstack uses12:15
franredlocallycompact, pbr I think is called.12:17
SotKyep, pbr12:17
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franredlocallycompact, but that is for installing packages, if you need to install files in directories you just can create your own setup.py12:19
locallycompactso I have12:19
locallycompactpackage_data={'defslib': ['spec/schemas/*.json-schema', 'spec/schemas/*.json-schema']}12:20
locallycompactbut I need to convert those yaml -> json before install12:20
franredlocallycompact, google is what I help you with :
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cphangApologies. Have another problem. In the devel build. Doing a build and deploy of the base system as test. Build goes fine, but deploy fails when populating subvolume due to no write permissions.13:01
pedroalvarezcphang: I think that means your disk is full13:03
pedroalvarezIf I'm right, the disk image you downloaded has 6G of space, and given that you have upgraded already to devel, you might not have space free to install a base system too13:04
tiagogomesI still remember when you didn't have space for even removing a file in btrfs. I hope that was fixed13:05
pedroalvarezyou don't have to have a good memory13:09
cphangAah okay, if I deploy to a mounted drive then that should fix things?13:09
tiagogomespedroalvarez, is that still happening?13:10
pedroalvarezI don't think that is supported13:10
pedroalvarezcphang: ^13:10
pedroalvarezyou have to either expand the disk image you are using, or remove system you are not using anymore13:11
pedroalvarezfor the latter, you could do `system-version-manager list` to see available systems and `system-version-manager delete xxxx` to remove one of them13:11
cphangpedroalvarez: Okay cool many thanks. Just a quick question. Should I have got a 'No space left on device' error or is that everything's set to read only the expected behaviour?13:16
pedroalvarezit would be tricky to figure out if you will have enough space for the upgrade or not13:22
cphangOkay, And the same would apply if I was doing a deploy to a disk image as well?13:26
cphangWell in any case, it works thanks :)13:26
pedroalvareznot sure about that case, but to deploy to a disk image you can choose a differen location with more space13:27
cphangOkay, thanks again for your help :)13:30
pedroalvarezcphang: you are welcome :)13:30
locallycompactpaulsherwood, try this
locallycompactthere's premigrated definitions in definitions lc/01013:52
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: sadly i have no time at all today, will try over the weekend, maybe13:54
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