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pedroalvarezcphang: btw, what version of definitions were you going to use to upgrade?10:17
pedroalvarez(or update)10:17
pedroalvarezfollowing the instructions in the wiki it says to `git clone git:// --branch baserock-16.13`10:18
cphangEhh the default, whatever is in I didn't specify a specific branch10:19
pedroalvarezI was going to suggest using that (master branch)10:19
cphangSure. There were some small differences between the 'cut&paste' guide and the more descriptive one, but the 'cut&paste' one seemed to be more current so have defaulted to that where possible10:20
pedroalvarezthat's fine10:20
pedroalvarezwe have never been good at docs10:21
cphangNp :), I'm currently building&deploying with virtualbox to see if I have any differences in behaviour.10:21
pedroalvarezit should be the same behaviour10:24
cphangpedroalvarez: It should yeah. did you reproduce the errors that I had, or did your upgrade go okay?10:42
pedroalvarezhaven't had the chance yet, will let you know10:43
cphangOkay of course, many thanks. Yeh it's just failed using virtualbox. is it worth trying an older version of the definitions, maybe from around when the guide was made?10:47
pedroalvarezno no, master always :)10:48
pedroalvarezcphang: so, did you follow this to use latest morph?
pedroalvarez(it should matter, but just looking to reproduce every detail)10:49
pedroalvarezshouldn't **10:49
cphangyep I did10:49
pedroalvarezcphang: good news, reproduced11:05
pedroalvarezbad news for everybody else :)11:06
pedroalvarez(or just me)11:06
cphangpedroalvarez: Eeep, well at least it's consistent! Let me know if there's anything else I can do :)12:21
cphangWait a minute, looking at the last line: I'm building using devel-systen-x86_64-generic.morph? The instructions use base-system-86_64-generic.morph?12:26
pedroalvarezhrm, they shouldn't ?12:42
cphangUnless there's another version?
pedroalvarezso, what we are doing here, is using your current system to build a different one, and then switch to that one12:51
pedroalvarezyou can of course do that with a base system, but the goal here is that you have a devel system to do development12:52
cphangAah okay. Thanks for the clarification12:56
pedroalvarezI think I found the bug13:18
pedroalvarezhehe, I introduced it13:19
SotKwhat was it?13:19
pedroalvarezbeing v1  factory/orig and vu factory/run and v2 newsystem/orig13:20
pedroalvarezand vt newsystem/run13:20
pedroalvarezthis line
pedroalvarezso, for something that exists in v1 and in vu but not in v2, we were then copying the file from v213:21
pedroalvarezgood job pedro13:21
* paulsherwood agrees... good job tracking this down13:22
cphangAaah hence the complaints about not being able to find the relevant files. Makes sense :)13:22
pedroalvarezheh :)13:23
SotKoops :)13:23
pedroalvarezcphang: indeed, the code maybe makes less sense13:23
pedroalvarezhm.. I'm still not sure about the fix, though13:25
pedroalvarezthe current logic in place (this is just for symlinks) is:13:25
pedroalvarezis the link in v1 and v2 the same? (pointing to the same place?) then use v213:25
pedroalvarezthis makes sense because if the user didn't modify it is because he was happy with the default config, and he will be happy with the new default config13:26
cphangWhat was the baserock build that the quick-start instructions were tested on? Could we use that, or has the merge() code changed substantially since then?13:27
pedroalvarezI think it's better to fix the error so that you can move forward13:29
cphangOf course.13:30
pedroalvarezi'm not sure about what the code should do in this case13:48
pedroalvarezjust not create any symlink in vt?13:48
pedroalvarezSotK: any opinion?13:48
pedroalvarezor maybe vu to be consistent with
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SotKI would say the latter to be consistent13:51
SotKthough, if "exists exists none" means that the user didn't change the symlink and the upgrade removes it, then maybe just not symlinking if v2 doesn't exist is best13:55
SotK(but still doing cp -a "$v2" "$vt" if v2 does exist)13:56
pedroalvarezthinking about upgrades is only possible if you think about specific cases13:59
pedroalvarezif you are upgrading a system from a version that has a systemd service active by default, and then the new version doesn' have that enabled by default..14:00
pedroalvarezmaybe there is a reason for that ..?14:00
pedroalvarezanyway, this would be the fix:
pedroalvarezthanks benbrown_ :)14:19
pedroalvarezany other taker?14:31
pedroalvarezcphang: you can also have a look :)14:31
franredpedroalvarez, done14:34
cphangpedroalvarez: Will do, thanks :)14:35
pedroalvarezthanks :)14:35
tiagogomesv1, v2, vu, vt sound so 2013 …14:41
benbrown_tiagogomes: :Þ14:43
franredthese variable names ....14:43
franredtiagogomes, ^^14:43
pedroalvarezthanks all for reviewing! :)14:44
franredpedroalvarez, would be amazing if gerrit could link definitions and link them to ctgit14:44
franredg.b.o. I meant14:45
pedroalvarezwhat do you mean14:45
franredpedroalvarez, merged14:45
pedroalvarezyou mean like in here?
franredpedroalvarez, yep14:46
pedroalvarezyeh, not sure how complex would be that14:46
pedroalvarezAnd the last patch of the day:14:51
pedroalvarez Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2i14:51
pedroalvarezthis one is a security update :)14:53
franredpedroalvarez, merged14:56
cphangpedroalvarez: Might be a silly question, but is it possible/worth it to turn the symlink logic part of merge into case statements like in merge_regular_file, just to emphasise the logic is consistent?14:56
pedroalvarezyeah, code could be improved in very different ways14:57
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pedroalvarezcphang: if you update your checkout of definitions now you will be able to build and upgrade the system15:15
pedroalvareznote: this is going to take a while, given that some artifacts are not cached yet15:15
cphangOkay great thanks :)15:16
pedroalvarezyw :)15:16
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