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jjardonwhat the order of execution of system-integration commands?11:17
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persiajjardon: I beleive they are asciibetically by filename.11:54
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paulsherwoodi think so too:
leemingare all the "WARNING: overlapping path" needed? weston-system-x86_64-generic-deploy seems to generate loads of them in the log13:17
persialeeming: Yes.  Integrators need to appreciate when they have created two artifacts that generate the same path, as only one can win.13:18
persiaUnless one is very careful, overlapping paths may cause oddities, like ABI mismatches, unexpected configuration, etc.13:18
persiaIf a specific artifact is overwriting all sorts of things, check which things it is overwriting: perhaps you don't want both on the system, or perhaps tighter artifact splitting would improve things.13:19
leemingyeah I see that. Just makes the logs a bit intense13:20
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paulsherwoodwhat's the other tool besides pep8 that folks can run to clean up python?17:09
rjekprospector looks good17:10
paulsherwoodyes, but there's another one also - i ran it ages ago... short name, began with s or c iirc17:11
paulsherwoodno. it began with f. flake817:12
paulsherwoodgoogle `pep8 vs` is my friend17:12
persiaFor those writing tooling that has a lot of python and some bash, bash8(1) may also be worth a look.17:13
leemingpaulsherwood, not sure, but the cookiecutter project seems good for a whole packaging option. it might list analysers17:21
leemingflake8 is something I've been meaning to look into too17:21
leemingbut im disappearing now, *waves hands mystically* ~O~17:22
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