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jjardonpaulsherwood: ok to merge ?10:30
leemingjjardon, does that fix the issue you raised re:
leemingthat tar thing10:32
jjardonleeming: no10:32
leemingah ok10:32
* leeming had been trying to replicate the error, but has other errors instead10:32
jjardonleeming: easy, try to build any system in gitlab ci (not the minimal one)10:33
paulsherwoodjjardon: merged10:34
* leeming has a 'slightly' modified ybd10:34
jjardonpaulsherwood: thanks!10:34
paulsherwoodjjardon: i think he means reproduce locally10:34
leemingyes ^10:35
jjardonleeming: then you have to have an overlayfs partition10:35
leemingI have a very verbose debugger attached :D10:35
* leeming isn't fully sure what that means, or why10:35
jjardonleeming: overlayfs is a filesystem as ext4; the problem is that is not fully POSIX so tar is failing because that10:37
leemingah, I thought it was some virtualfs sitting ontop of, say, ext4, that was causing it10:37
leeming(something that sandboxlib provided)10:38
paulsherwoodoh, so the simplest way to reproduce would be to run ybd in an overlayfs partition?10:38
jjardonyes, which is what the runners in are using10:41
leemingdo they have to be?10:43
* leeming is still trying to get his head around the issue 10:43
* leeming feels a bit slow with this10:43
radiofreeworkaround would be to do fallocate .... foo.img && mkfs.ext4 foo.img && mount foo.img /mnt and change your ybd config to do everything in /mnt10:43
radiofreenote: probably10:44
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leeminghmm, I don'y seem to getting anywhere with this... when an artifact is split, it does not seem to be creating all of the files/devices correctly14:19
leemingstrata/build-essential/fhs-dirs.morph, only console gets created from that list14:20
leemingthat crashes the whole thing14:23
leemingsince it can not find devices it should find14:24
leemingI nuked the local cache and re-run.. different error.. I wonder if the artefact cache can get corrupt?15:03
paulsherwoodnormally, no15:04
leemingis there a documented list of things to install to do local deploys?15:34
paulsherwoodjjardon: shall we go for merges should be done by someone other than the author, now, for ybd?15:34
leemingjust sorted out adding btrfs support15:34
paulsherwoodleeming: sadly i don't think so15:34
leemingbut now getting harder to debug messages15:34
leemingFile "/home/andrewleeming/baserock/definitions/extensions/", line 844, in install_bootloader_extlinux15:34
leeming    subprocess.check_call(['extlinux', '--install', real_root])15:34
paulsherwood has a bit about deploy15:35
jjardonpaulsherwood: everything should go through merge request (so the ci is automatically triggered before commit in master)15:35
leemingok ta15:35
paulsherwoodjjardon: i've done one...
paulsherwoodi assume you didn't get notified15:37
paulsherwoodleeming: i think local install assumes you're running in a baserock system (but i may be wrong)15:38
jjardonleeming: if you use ybd locally, Id recommend you use it in a vm or in a chroot15:40
jjardonI use chroot myself: leeming:
leeminghmm ok, will try that then, thanks jjardon15:42
* paulsherwood uses vagrant....
paulsherwoodhowever, i don't do local deploys15:42
leemingwell it was only to reduce faff for debugging things15:43
leemingthat was the idea anyway15:43
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