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pedroalvarezwoops, so the build of 'boost' is currently broken08:16
paulsherwoodsince when?08:17
pedroalvarezcpp warnings, so upgrading to latest might do08:17
pedroalvarezI guess since we upgraded to gcc 5.308:17
paulsherwoodhmmm c.b.o is not responding for me08:18
pedroalvareznor for me08:18
pedroalvarezbit more responsive now08:19
pedroalvarezI don't think boost is in any of the systems we test in the ci08:20
paulsherwoodah, that would explain why i didn't notice08:20
paulsherwoodi built the whole of ci yesterday08:21
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: pls could you add something with boost to the ci?08:23
pedroalvarezI'll make sure that happens once it's fixed08:24
pedroalvarezif anyone interested:
pedroalvarezoh wait08:25
pedroalvarezI may be just totally wrong08:25
pedroalvarezg++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)08:26
jjardonYeah, boost is compiling ok in gitlab (I have GDP system there wich includes boost)08:27
pedroalvarezmissed that08:27
jjardonpaulsherwood: so the kbas is already populated08:27
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paulsherwoodusually, yes. my build yesterday is artifact-version: 6, though08:33
paulsherwoodbut master should be mostly current too08:33
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pedroalvarezis it normal that a project installs things in /usr/lib/cmake ?09:18
pedroalvarezmy current devel vm has things there from "libxml2"09:18
pedroalvarezthe component I've just tried to integrate is creating things there too09:19
franredpedroalvarez, is it just for compiling purposes or on installation time?09:23
pedroalvarezat installation time09:24
pedroalvarezthe artifact created is the one that has these things09:24
leemingis there a way to try to run a single chunk to see if it builds without dependencies included?09:26
pedroalvarezwhat do you mean by "without dependencies"09:26
pedroalvarezso, you just want to build that chunk, and nothing else?09:27
pedroalvarezbut you will need the dependencies09:27
leemingis there not a way to build on top of my current system, such as like a package manager?09:27
leemingtherefore dependencies should be in my current system09:28
pedroalvarezI don't think there is a way09:28
pedroalvarezand I don't know if this would be a good practice and we should allow it09:28
pedroalvarezyou can always clone the sources, and build them09:28
pedroalvarezmanually, i mean09:29
leemingmainly wanted to hijack the build-commands for the reops09:29
franredpedroalvarez, I can not help you with the cmake issue :/09:29
pedroalvarezno worries,09:29
pedroalvarezmaybe is not an issue, and just normal behaviour for cmake09:30
leemingbasically, given a git repos, does it currently build on my system09:31
leemingautomate this09:31
leemingsince things have different build techniques, figured we would use definitions09:32
* leeming wonders if that _other_ build system that must not be named would meet his requirements09:39
rjekPerforce Jam?09:39
rjekArbitrary collection of csh scripts?09:40
rjekToo far, richard_maw09:40
leemingrichard_maw, yes. although, they don't nicely git package them up right?09:40
* richard_maw shrugs09:41
richard_mawjonathanmaw is your man for that09:41
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leemingoh yes =)09:41
* leeming waits for the ping to propagate 09:41
pedroalvarezleeming: the only useful thing `morph` can do would be to build only one component, but *also* the dependencies10:04
pedroalvarezbut this is not what you want10:05
leeming:( shame. thanks pedroalvarez10:07
leemingattempting random, make && make install / / etc, calls to repos then10:08
pedroalvarezyou can have a look at DEFAULTS instead of trying random commands :P10:10
SotKcould you not just write a thing to load definitions, match a given repo to a definition, and try running its build commands?10:10
leemingSotK, yeah tbh that is probs what I will do10:12
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radiofreeis there a script that does the equivalent of the form "petrify" command14:25
pedroalvarezthere isent14:27
radiofreeoh, that's annoying14:27
radiofreehow are you supposed to upgrade things like qt5?14:28
radiofreei do s/ref: .*/ref: v5.7.0 to test14:28
radiofreei'm supposed to go through each component and manually (?!) change that to a sha?14:28
pedroalvarezmaybe we can recover it14:29
pedroalvarez`morph refs-to-shas`14:29
radiofreeheh, yes i remember sam through that together the last time i asked about this14:29
radiofreewhy was that functionality removed in the first place?14:31
pedroalvarezbecaue we want to encourage the use of sha1s by default I believe14:32
pedroalvarezbefore we were using branches in refs, and petrifying them for releases14:32
pedroalvarezidk really14:33
pedroalvarezbut I see  how it can bee useful some times14:33
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radiofreeit makes upgrading things like qt a complete pain in the arse14:41
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