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radiofreeis it possible to deploy an ext4 rawdisk?10:04
richard_mawused to be10:05
radiofreei guess i use the partitioning?10:06
radiofree"default" is / on "btrfs"10:06
* radiofree will try changing that to ext410:06
edcraggmight work10:06
pedroalvarezhm.. i think "/" default to btrfs but cannot be changed10:09
pedroalvarezand i don't remember being able to deploy ext4 images :/10:09
edcraggdidn't radiofree do some work to make it possible10:10
radiofreei don't think so10:10
radiofree"Creating btrfs filesystem" :\10:10
edcraggi thought someone did something to make it work for !btrfs10:11
radiofreewell if i did i clearly didn't do a very good job of it10:12
* pedroalvarez finds "./extensions/image-package-example"10:12
edcraggiirc it should be able to create the partitions and format them, it's just having a rootfs layout that will work not being btrfs10:12
radiofreehow easy is it to create a "rawdisk-ext4" extension10:13
radiofreeessentially i just need to extract the system artifact into a ext4 image file?10:13
pedroalvarezand install the bootloader, I guess10:14
edcraggyeah, you'll need to put the bootloader in the MBR if using partitioning10:14
radiofreegiven the "you need this specific version of extlinux on the host" issue i'm using BOOTLOADER_INSTALL: none10:15
radiofreethis version of systemd i'm using (v44) seems to be having a hard time with mounting the subvolumes in /etc/fstab10:16
pedroalvarezyou can make them ext4 partitions10:17
richard_mawsurely you can't be trying to mount / from fstab?10:19
richard_mawthat's a very chicken and egg problem10:20
pedroalvarezif you put these folders in different partitions (i.e. create a partitioning layout that puts /opt /var .. etc in a different partition) you can use ext4  for them10:20
pedroalvarezinstead of being subvolumes they will be different partitions10:20
radiofreei don't really want that10:21
pedroalvarezright, was just an idea to avoid mounting btrfs subvolumes10:21
pedroalvarezprobably better and easier to add support for ext4 disk images10:21
radiofreecreating the image using rawdisk also has the problem that it moves things i've placed in /home into a brtfs subvolume10:21
radiofreelooking at the code, it seems "/" always ends up calling self.mkfs_btrfs(l)10:21
radiofreehmm... systemd fails when trying to mount /var /root /home etc... but once in the recovery console i can do "mount /root" etc.. and it works10:34
radiofreehmm mounting them before starting systemd gives me a new error with dbus10:45
radiofreethis system is a bit bonkers, i had to do all sorts of things like mount tmpfs.. and proc... and sysfs... and start udev12:05
radiofree*before* calling systemd12:05
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jjardonnice, yaml syntax higlighting works in gitlab after changing .gitattributes:
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paulsherwoodcool. can we get the links trick working, like in g.b.o?16:07
jjardonradiofree: Im a bit late for this but!/story/9716:07
jjardonpaulsherwood: no idea :)16:07
richard_mawpaulsherwood: unlikely, given that was a custom cgit filter plugin16:09
* richard_maw likes cgit16:10
* paulsherwood too16:11
paulsherwoodi prefer g.b.o for trawling lots of repos vs gitlab16:11
paulsherwoodbut gitlab workflow is cool16:12
richard_mawif you can get gitlab to provide you a list of repository paths, names and clone URLs, you can provide a cgit interface as well, though that would require that you host your own gitlab16:15
richard_mawheh, one of my patches is still the most recent patch to cgit:
* richard_maw wishes Jason would get back to me about the other patches that were submitted16:30
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