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bashrcas a point of curiosity, is anyone still using baserock?15:21
paulsherwoodand not just me :)15:22
paulsherwoodi've stopped 'promoting' it since people were citing it as a reason to disgregard my arguments/suggestions about non-baserock topics15:24
persiaOne of the things that makes it hard to answer that question with more detail is that a fair number of Baserock users use Baserock to generate rootfs/SDK pairs, which aren't obviously "Baserock" to their consumers.15:25
locallycompacttis good for that15:26
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paulsherwoodanyway, the question could be split into 'is anyone using g.b.o? definitions? morph? ybd? etc...' and the answer would be yes for each, but not all users use all of the parts :)16:27
persiaOh, good point.  I can think of several folk using g.b.o who don't use any of the other components.16:30
paulsherwoodi can think of several folk who use morph not ybd, and vice versa :)16:32
persiaHeh, there's lots of that.  I wonder if there is anyone who uses g.b.o definitions, and doesn't use either morph or ybd.16:32
paulsherwoodssam was in that category for a while...16:33
paulsherwoodand i'm pretty sure users of other build tool approaches do crib from definitions at times16:34
pedroalvarezbut I think ssam used the libraries built in the build tools to consume definitions16:34
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: even for his owl stuff?16:34
pedroalvareznow I'm not sure if for everything :)16:35
paulsherwoodafaik the concourse-scripts stuff doesn't reuqire ybd or morph for the visualisation (although the concourse implementation then runs ybd for builds)16:37
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pedroalvarezalthough maybe concourse scripts use morphlib/ybd libraries to parse definitions16:42
* locallycompact plugs
paulsherwoodwhat's it for?16:45
richard_mawlocallycompact: the json syntax in your readme is a bit odd, your keys need to be quoted16:45
locallycompactpaulsherwood, it makes a big object out of definitions that I find quite easy to run queries on16:46
locallycompactrichard_maw, good point16:46
richard_mawpaulsherwood: looks to me like the proposal to turn the definitions into an intermediate format that can be queried, or saved elsewhere, to be fed as input for the later build stuff16:46
* richard_maw wonders if it contains back-references for error reporting or writing changes back16:51
locallycompactthe general purposeness of this is that it's just bash + jq + yaml.load + yaml.dump16:52
locallycompactso for example tocontextfree.sh16:52
locallycompactwill write out to files with .kind as the extension16:53
locallycompactand remove kind:16:53
locallycompactbut any tools that uses bash + jq is essentially bespoke16:53
locallycompactit's just that defsdb is lossless16:53
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locallycompactso yeah you could do it with defsdb by pulling the filename: field back out into bash and writing to it16:54
locallycompactbut it's easier not to16:55
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