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paulsherwoodi'm seeing that when ybd executes tar.check as part of a deploy07:39
paulsherwoodthe offending line is 'if [ "$UPGRADE" == "yes" ]; then'07:40
richard_mawyeah, should be single =07:49
* richard_maw is surprised that snuck through, since Sam's usually better at that07:54
richard_mawthough it went without detection because we were running it on systems that either had bash for /bin/sh or busybox sh with all the options turned on07:56
paulsherwoodack, thanks.08:01
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pedroalvareztested and merged08:21
* richard_maw would have s/real/strictly posix compliant/08:22
richard_mawbash is a real /bin/sh, busybox provides a real /bin/sh08:22
richard_mawthe fact that they also provide extra features does not make them any less real08:23
richard_mawit was not a problem with the shells that were previously running it, it's a problem with the script for assuming every /bin/sh has ==08:23
* richard_maw goes back to using GitLab for his current project after a brief, gleeful moment of using Gerrit08:24
pedroalvarezbtw, upgraded yesterday to get bug/security fixes08:25
* paulsherwood wonders what the best solution for fixing that commit message is, short of re-writing history08:26
paulsherwoodi guess revert, and re-apply with fixed message?08:26
richard_mawnot really worth changing it08:27
richard_mawbut git-notes are a thing08:27
pedroalvarezjjardon: mesa patches look good. Do you know if anybody else can test them?08:56
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radiofreehas https on gbo always required auth to clone, or is that new?09:34
pedroalvarezI think that it's required since we have it working09:37
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jjardonI got a kernel panic after deploying a weston system (current master definitions); does anyone have deployed and run a system built with ybd recently?13:11
pedroalvarezhave you managed to extract some info from the kernel panic log?13:13
pedroalvarezis it not even booting?13:13
jjardonNot really :/
jjardonpedroalvarez: ^13:15
pedroalvarezthat one sounds familiar13:15
pedroalvarez"attempted to kil init"13:16
pedroalvarezit's like if the init script just finishes13:17
pedroalvarezand probably the init script from initramfs13:18
jjardonlet me remove initramfs from my system and try again13:18
pedroalvarezand probably caused by the wrong kernel args13:18
pedroalvarez(these are just guesses)13:18
jjardonpedroalvarez: similar result without the initramfs subsystem in the cluster:13:28
pedroalvarezso, /sbin/init is failing ?13:30
jjardonseems so :(13:34
pedroalvareznot sure if you can do some more debugging, like using init=/bin/sh and then trying to run /sbin/init13:38
pedroalvarezidk :/13:38
pedroalvarezI could give it a try with morph, if you want13:38
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paulsherwoodrichard_maw: i started looking into your suggestion about not recursing the deterministic tar creation14:21
paulsherwoodif your theory is correct, i think it means i'd need to bump artifact-version again :/14:22
paulsherwoodhow confident are you in your theory?14:22
paulsherwood(the error in question being
paulsherwooddo i need to explicitly add the directories in such a tar? or just files?14:35
paulsherwoodeg would be a valid artifact?14:36
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richard_mawif a tarball might end up needing to create a directory, then you need to include the directory information, since that would contain the required metadata for the directory (mode etc.)15:08
richard_mawthere at least used to be definitions that created empty directories so it would make them with the right permissions15:09
paulsherwoodack, thanks.15:18
paulsherwoodbut in this approach, each dir would be added *after the files it contains?15:18
richard_mawyes, because if you try to set a modification time on a directory before you put files in it, when you add the files it changes the modification time to _now_15:19
paulsherwoodok... eg ?15:19
richard_mawpossibly, you shouldn't need to chdir, if you rebased the paths right, and I'm not sure whether it iterates into empty directories, however…15:24
richard_mawyou might be in a bind with os.walk, since if it leaves the iteration order undefined, you lose deterministic tarballs15:24
richard_mawsince the mechanism for changing the iteration order with os.walk requires you to go topdown…15:25
richard_mawlocallycompact: oh, you mean that thing which fails to handle non-unicode file paths correctly?15:26
locallycompactyes that one15:26
locallycompactnon-unicorn flaps15:26
paulsherwoodi'll stop this approach, then15:27
richard_mawsorry I pointed you at os.walk when it turns out to be insufficient15:27
richard_mawcloser… but not close enough15:27
richard_mawyou need some traversal that lets you change the iteration order top-down and also process things bottom-up15:28
* richard_maw doesn't recall seeing anything15:28
* richard_maw ponders whether the recent python3 directory walker might work15:28
richard_mawthere was a backport module for python215:29
richard_mawhm, no, that just makes iteration faster15:30
richard_mawhere's an idea: do the os.walk top-down so you can sort the directories and files, and append those to a list, then reverse that list and use that for your bottom-up traversal15:41
paulsherwoodack, i'll think about it15:44
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