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leemingis there an interface to query a trove, other than the web gui?11:40
pedroalvarezwhat kind of queries11:40
pedroalvarez(answer is yes, but depending on what you want)11:41
leemingeg: does package foo exist?11:41
pedroalvarezpackage == repository?11:41
leemingsorry yes11:42
benbrown_leeming: `ssh git@trove help ls`11:42
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: does that work if you don't have an user?11:42
benbrown_pedroalvarez: unlikely11:43
leemingI ultimately need to find an exact ref for a repo given a version number/tag.. so quite a bit of searching11:44
pedroalvarezI think that's possible11:44
pedroalvarezusing morph-cache-server IIRC11:45
leeminghmm ok, what is morph-cache-server?11:47
pedroalvarezis a thing (service) that runs in the trove, that you can query for things like that11:48
pedroalvarezin this script we use it:
pedroalvarezyes, REST I believe11:50
pedroalvarezand this is the server code:
leemingok thanks11:55
tiagogomesleeming,  curl ""12:15
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pedroalvarezIt definitely answers fast13:41
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paulsherwoodleeming: ybd calls it 'tree-server', fwiw15:57
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leemingsorry only just got round to looking at the links from before.... pedroalvarez the things you referenced require me to have a repo url/sha, these are what I am hunting down17:22
leemingtiagogomes, the simple REST example you gave is good, but do you know if i can do a search query?17:23
leeming^ I currently have a horrible search hack -{$REPO}.git/tag/?h=v{$TAG}17:24
* leeming looks for REST documentation on baserock17:24
leemingooo I think I've got it actually. thanks tiagogomes17:30
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